7 Good Minimalist House Plan Paint Color Combinations

7 Good Minimalist House Plan Paint Color Combinations

minimalist house lisplang paint color combination

A good minimalist home lisplang paint color combination can influence residential facades so that they look characteristic. Check out the reviews and color tips in the following article.

A minimalist home that focuses on modern touches has many features.

In addition to the simplicity of the form and the lack of decoration, a minimalist house can also be seen from the appearance of the facade.

In addition, the game of contrasting colors is often used as an option to make the house more attractive.

A trick that is often used by residential owners is to play with lisplang paint color combinations so that a minimalist home is much more pleasing to the eye.

If you need a reference for a minimalist house lisplang combination of paint colors, News www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia presents you with several options.

7 color combinations for minimalist home paintings Lisplang

1. Light Green and Ivory Yellow

good combinations of paint colors lisplang

source: apkpure.com

Lisplang combinations of light green and ivory yellow are often applied to minimalist homes in rural areas.

In addition to the impression of “nature” in the green color that is worn, ivory yellow is often associated with a quiet character.

These two color combinations make the residential facade look subdued and suitable for minimalist style houses.

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2. Lisplang Brown Color Combination

combination of brown lisplang

source: jasacat.com

A number of subsidized homes usually choose exterior house paint colors that are calm in tone.

This also influences the choice of lisplang color, here we go.

For example, a brown lisplang with a combination of beige or white can make a house feel simple, but comfortable.

3. Lisplang red and white

minimalist house lisplang paint color combination

The combination of white and red lisplang paint is rarely used by residents.

However, you can apply these two colors to emphasize a different aspect.

The reason is, the combination of these colors presents an aura that symbolizes courage, strength, a persistent spirit.

4. Lisplang Chocolate is Pink

minimalist house lisplang paint color combination

source: kompas.com

Revision of the function of the edges from an aesthetic point of view that makes the view of the rooms of the house more orderly.

Therefore, the choice of color should not be arbitrary.

In fact, if you feel the need, you can combine unpopular colors like rose.

In any case, to harmonize with the general appearance of the house, a combination with brown, for example, is worthy of being an option.

5. Lisplang Cream Combination White

minimalist house lisplang paint color combination

source: jayconstruction.com

An example of a white lisplang paint color for a minimalist house with a beige combination like the picture above gives a prominent, but still aesthetic appearance.

Especially if the selection of the model or the type of gutters is also appropriate, this can affect the appearance of the facade as a whole.

Yes, visually, the exterior of the house will be much cooler and at the same time it shows that the owner of the house really pays attention to the small things in detail.

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6. Simply Lisplang Combination Color

cat list plan

Lisplang green with a combination of white in some areas can also be the best choice for a minimalist home.

Especially if the color of the tile paint matches the rhythm, the appearance of the facade will definitely be more varied.

When the weather is sunny, this combination will make the house look more colorful and different compared to other houses in general.

7. White and Light Blue

minimalist house lisplang paint color combination

White on lipslang is a common color that is often used.

The look will be different if combined with several colors, one of which is blue.

This color combination creates a cheerful, clean and comfortable impression on the eyes.

It will be even better if the tile color you choose is black because it will give a natural impression.


These are the different color combination ideas for minimalist home lisplang painting, Property People.

I hope the information above is helpful, hey!

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