7 gift ideas for friends on Valentine’s Day

7 gift ideas for friends on Valentine’s Day

Perayaan Valentine not only for lovers, but it is a day of love that you can celebrate with everyone, including best friends. So, don’t forget to prepare gifts for friends, okay?

Generally, on Valentine’s Day, we give chocolate and flowers. However, if you want to be more special, you can give him a gift according to his preferences.

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So, what are the gift ideas? Valentine What can we give to a friend?

If you are confused about giving a gift valentine what is for a beloved friend, calm, this time we have a gift idea recommendation that can be an option. Listen, go.

1. Notebook

Although it is quite simple, give notebook apparently it has a good meaning. Notebook it can be a place to devote daily life and heart’s content to reduce the burden of the mind.

Well, you can choose an expensive and aesthetic book design. If he is a cheerful person, you can give him a light-colored notebook cover, as recommended below.

notebook friend gift
Ataru Notebook Tali Elastis – Krem

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2. Wall decoration

The wall decoration will also be a special gift, you know. Not only in the form of a photo frame, you can also provide an interesting picture of a painting, dream catcher, and a wall clock. So, they can use it as a decoration at home

gifts hanging on the wall
Selma 40×50 Cm Wall Decoration Printed Love

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If your friends like to read books, you can bookmark them. Choose a marker with a unique and fun pattern so that he can always remember and remember the gifts from you.

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marked gift
Ataru bookmark set 4 pieces

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4. Aromatherapy candles

You can also give aromatherapy candles as a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend. They can use this aromatherapy candle to relax and unwind at home. So, here are some tips for aromatherapy candles that you can buy.

Aromatherapy candle best friend gift
Ataru 60 Gr French Rose Aromatherapy Candle – Pink

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5. Accessories

You can also give them gifts of cute accessories. Be sure to buy her favorite fashion accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips, and so on. scarf. Thus, they can always use it at any time.

best friend valentines day gift earrings
Ataru Anting Geometric Triangle Stud – Silver

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6. Snack Box

There must be one of your friends who likes to enjoy snacks, right? Well, you can give gifts in the form of boxes full of snacks.

Just prepare an empty box, then fill different ones snack what your friends like Remember to decorate the box with ribbons, ok? Therefore, your gift looks more attractive.

best friend snack box gift
Ace – Ataru 1.5 Ltr Versatile Storage Box With Flip Lid – White

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7. Wallet

You can even give a wallet as a Valentine’s Day gift, you know. Also, the model of the wallet was already different. So, you can choose the one that best suits your character.

We also have recommendations for contemporary women’s wallets, such as the following.

wallet friend gift
Ataru Card Wallet With Zipper – Dark Blue

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Here are some gift ideas for friends on Valentine’s Day. There is no need to buy something expensive, but make sure you give with sincerity. Of course, the gift feels special.

You can buy all the above gifts only in variety. Here, you can also buy ornaments and other unique items as gifts on Valentine’s Day.

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