7 Furniture Colors Suitable for Tosca Blue Residences

7 Furniture Colors Suitable for Tosca Blue Residences

turquoise turquoise
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In addition to white and light brown, blue rough it becomes one of the favorite colors asa wall painting at home. See, this color can give freshness to the eyes.

Although this color looks impressive, we can also present a pleasant home atmosphere. The key is in the choice of colors furniture that you made the house blue rough this.

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So, what color furniture is suitable to be combined with blue Tosca?

Therefore, this time, we have some recommendations of the color of the furniture that you can match with the blue wall paint rough

1. Minimalist White Color

blue tosca interior furniture
Informa Nolyn Cabinets – white

Only Rp 2 million – Buy here

The white color is quite easy to combine with any color, including blue rough In addition, the use of furniture with neutral colors can also give a brighter impression to the room.

Some white furniture that you can use are wardrobes, sofas and beds. In order not to be tired, choose furniture with a combination of white and brown.

2. Cream Color Furniture

Tosca blue with cream
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To give an elegant impression, you can combine it with beige furniture. For example, using a cream-colored sofa to give a refreshing feeling in the living room or family room.

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Then, add some sofa cushions with matching colors to make it look more aesthetic. Here are some furniture tips that you can use.

cream sofa
2-seater sofa in Nordia Alden fabric – beige

Only Rp 5 million – Buy here

the color of the sofa cushions
Sofa Cushion 40 Cm Summer Retreat – Blue

Only IDR 150,000 – Buy here

3. Modern Gray Color

Tosca blue kitchen
Kitchen set Ivy 1.2 Mtr – Oak / abu-abu

Only Rp 8 million – Buy here

You can also combine blue wall paint rough with soft gray furniture. For example, you can use multilevel shelves for the living room area and kitchen set gray in the kitchen.

4. Bright red colored furniture

turquoise interior
Informa Geneva Fabric Sleeper Sofa – Red

Only IDR 1 million

The combination of blue rough and red can produce a room that looks cheerful. Because it is not too monotonous, you can also add a touch of other colors, such as yellow and white.

5. Soft pink furniture

wall painting trend
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Blue color combination rough with soft pink, it is suitable for you to present in the area of ​​children’s bedrooms and living rooms.

Do this by using a sofa color of a chair rose and put it in the corner of the room. Then, you can put a carpet with a matching color. Here are the sofa tips rose that might be an option.

furniture for Tosca blue color
Inform Darrell Children’s Sofa 1 Seat Teddy – Pink

Only 790 thousand IDR

minimalist sofa color
Inform Darla Scandi Sofa for children 1 Seat Teddy

Only 890 thousand IDR

6. Sweet Yellow Color

sofa color trend
Nordia Arlington 2-Seat Fabric Sofa – Yellow

Only IDR 7 million

Yellow is synonymous with joy. You can combine yellow furniture with blue wall paint rough One of them uses a yellow sofa in the living room. Also add artificial decorative plant decorations to make the room look fresh.

7. Luxurious Dark Purple

Source: elledecor.com

The dark purple color is suitable for you to present in the middle of the room. You do not need to worry, the presence of this dark purple furniture can give a luxurious impression. Here are the tips for purple furniture that you can combine with Tosca blue paint.

cushions for sofas
Sofa Cushions 30×50 Cm Babylon 2e – Purple

Only 100 thousand IDR

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sofa color
Selma Gwinston – Fabric Sofa – Purple

Only IDR 1 million

Therefore, there are many colors of furniture that you can combine with the interior of the blue house rough. You can buy all the minimalist furniture tips above only through variety

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