7 fun ideas for playing with Play-Doh with children

7 fun ideas for playing with Play-Doh with children

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Play-Doh is children’s toys soft wax-like material that is easy to shape. Apparently, there are many Play-Doh game ideas that can develop children’s creativity, and also improve their motor skills, you know.

You can also use this game to fill your free time and build close relationships with your children.

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So what’s an exciting way to play with Play-Doh?

Well, this time we have some fun ways to play Play-Doh, which you can do with your kids at home. What are they? Go ahead, see the following.

1. The idea of ​​playing kitchen with Play Doh

You can invite children to imagine cooking the food they like with Play-Doh, you know.

Let the kids cut, mix, and mold Play-Doh into food according to their creativity.

play cooking
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play with food
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2. Idea to print Cartoon characters with Play Doh

To make the game more fun, you can invite your child to print cardboard characters with Play-Doh.

You can get direct prints that are already available in a set, such as models Peppa Pig the following.

play doh cartoon
Playdoh Pj Masks Toy Hero Set F1805

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play peppa pig
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3. The idea of ​​making animals with Play Doh

Making animals with Play-Doh not only trains children’s creativity, but also children’s ability to recognize animals.

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You can tell the types of animals around and let your child be creative to make these animals.

In addition to that, you can also participate in making animal characters. Then, invite them to guess which animal you made.

play with animals
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4. Guess the Color

The many color variations in Play-Doh allow you to play guessing the color with your children.

You can make lots of little 3-color Play-Doh balls with classic Play-Doh, as shown below.

classic play-doh
Play-doh Set 4 pieces Mainan Anak Classic Color

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classic play doh
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Then, ask the child to group the balls in the same color.

This game idea is very useful to improve visual skills and introduce children to different colors.

5. Form Letters and Numbers

In addition to training children’s visual skills, you can also use Play-Doh to teach children language and literacy.

You can teach them to arrange letters in alphabetical order and numbers in order.

how to play play doh numbers
Source: Lifeovercs.com

6. Printable Cards Play-Doh

Printable Play-Doh can be made to look for images of models, such as trees, cars, and much more.

Then, print the image and laminate it. Then, invite the children to arrange the Play-Doh according to the pattern.

play doh printable
Source: Teachbesideme.com

7. Create outdoor space

With this space creation game, children can learn many things about celestial bodies.

Invite the children to create the moon, stars and rocks to fill the background of the space. You can use it sept Play-Doh like this.

play doh spaceship
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the play doh space
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These are Play-Doh ideas that you can play with your kids at home. Not only fun, this game is also able to have a positive impact on the development of children.

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