7 Fun and Festive Halloween Night Game Ideas

7 Fun and Festive Halloween Night Game Ideas

Halloween game
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October is synonymous with celebration Halloween which is always held on October 31. This celebration is closely related to lanterns and pumpkins carved with smiley faces.

To celebrate this celebration, many people abroad hold costume parties and go to the city to take sweets from nearby houses. This is also done in Indonesia, which is often called Halloween night.

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These activities are often colorful with costume parties, fun games, karaoke together, and much more. Well, this time, we have some fun game ideas that you can do when Halloween later

Fun game ideas for Halloween night

Here is a game tip Halloween night what you can do.

1. One Stack

Uno Stacko 42468 Halloween game
One Stack 42468

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Uno Stacko is a toy in the form of plastic blocks that you can play by stacking them to form a tower. Then, each player has to take turns picking up pieces of blocks to stack them back on top.

The tense point of this game is that you cannot make the tower collapse. Besides being fun, this game is useful for practicing patience and concentration, you know.

2. Target shooting

Cruzer Toy Gun Weapon-x Slingshot
Cruzer Toy Gun Weapon-x Slingshot

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Target shooting games will certainly be fun if you do it with friends or kids while celebrating Halloween night. For those who lose can be given a penalty in the form of: truth or dare. It’s so funny, isn’t it?

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nah you can use target games shoot Use the ball to stay safe.

3. Bowling like a game Halloween

Kiddy Fun Mini Bowling Game
Kiddy Fun Mini Bowling Game

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Celebration Halloween night he will also have fun with the game mini bowling this. You can invite your child to play together.

How to play is quite easy. Just throw the ball to the pin bowling until she falls.

4. Monopolies like a Halloween game

Game Halloween Monopoly Classic Gssc1009
Monopoly Classic Gssc1009

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When it comes to fun games, it’s definitely not complete without mentioning Monopoly. This world famous game you can play in groups. Playing Monopoly can also teach you to set tactics and strategies, you know.

5. board game

permainan Halloween Kiddy Fun Games In Cardboard
Kiddy Fun Games In Cardboard

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Surely you are familiar with chess, ludo, and snakes and ladders, right? This classic game often makes us miss playing.

Interestingly, the game board game This has 150 types of classic games, from chess, ludo, snakes and ladders, and more.

6. Billiards as a Halloween game

permainan Halloween Kiddy Fun Table Pool 3 In 1
Kiddy Fun Table Pool 3 in 1

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play billiards it can be a fun idea for the game Halloween night after Games It can be played by children to adults.

Rules of the game billiards is to insert the ball with a stick into the hole according to the number or type of ball. In addition billiardsbut you can still play hockey and table tennis with this table, you know. It’s great, isn’t it?

permainan Halloween Kiddy Fun Games Basketball Machine
Kiddy Fun Games Basketball Machine

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Do you want to bring a playful atmosphere to your home on Halloween night? Of course I can, dong! You can buy a toy basketball machine or soccer.

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How to play is enough to enter the ball with the lever that is already on the machine. Try racing with your friends to get the most balls in the ring or goal.

permainan Halloween Kiddy Fun Games Football Machine
Kiddy Fun Games Football Machine

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Well, here are some game ideas Halloween night entertainment and product recommendations. So, what a game no who do you like

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