7 Fresh, beautiful and aesthetic gardens behind the subsidy houses

7 Fresh, beautiful and aesthetic gardens behind the subsidy houses

small garden behind the house

There are many inspirations for a small garden that is suitable for subsidized housing. Go, look at the decoration ideas from the minimalist garden of the garden.

Subsidized houses are usually built on limited lots and are only equipped with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Even so, narrow land dwellings can still have enough land in the back area to be used as a home garden.

It’s just that, when decorating the area, the owner should be careful to have a beautiful simple home garden.

Well, here are some ideas of small gardens behind the house that can be used as a source of inspiration for the owners.

7 Most beautiful and beautiful designs of the back garden

1. Garden model near the kitchen

the kitchen joins the back garden

(Source: Instagram / @rumahtristian)

In the type of subsidized housing, the kitchen model and the garden behind the minimalist house are often designed close, to save the use of land.

How the kitchen blends with this back garden. However, the home owner can also arrange it well.

The combination of white coral and wooden parquet is able to bring a natural feeling to the area behind the house.

2. Garden Design with Fish Pond

example of a minimalist garden with a fish pond

(Source: Instagram / @herlina.zalfa)

The small garden behind the house feels so beautiful with rows of tropical plants in pots.

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The existence of a minimalist fish pond increasingly makes the simple home garden an outdoor space that soothes the soul.

Imagine, you can relax while enjoying the coffee and listening to the bubbling water.

Very soothing!

3. A Simple Aesthetic Garden

small garden behind the house that is aesthetic

(Source: Instagram / @she_odhie)

If you want to create an aesthetic garden, but are constrained by limited funds and land, then this image can be an inspiration for People Properties.

Despite its minimalist size, the small garden behind this house has a beautiful appearance with plants hanging on the wall.

A pair of window ornaments old school on the wall becomes a unique accent that beautifies the decoration of the rear garden.

4. Design Tropical Garden

small garden behind the tropical house

(Source: Instagram / @ulummunafita)

Do you want to have a beautiful garden? Well, surely this backyard design will be the right inspiration for your home.

The small garden behind the house with the elongated design provides a supply of fresh air in the room.

It is because of the presence of a number of tropical plants with a variety of beautiful colors.

5. Beautiful Narrow Garden Ideas

(Source: Instagram / @rumah.riang)

The inspiration for the garden behind the subsidized house type 36 has become a favorite common area to relax with family members.

The small garden behind the house is equipped with chairs and concrete garden tables, so it can be used as a comfortable relaxing area.

The green area is also aesthetic and beautiful, because the owner uses the garden wall behind the house to hang plants.

6. Minimalist garden in a small house

a small subsidized garden with plants hanging on the wall

(Source: Instagram / @designtaman)

The limited land in the subsidized house also does not prevent the owner of this residence from realizing a cool minimalist garden concept.

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The garden behind the house of 1 meter is beautiful and fresh, due to the placement of many plants monstera adansonii aka a perverted widow.

In addition, there are also hanging plants that make this area even more beautiful.

7. Garden Design for Hang out

simple minimalist garden design with pallet wood chairs

(Source: Instagram / @rumah.terang)

The beautiful simple garden is a fun place to hang out and contemplate for the owners.

Why, the garden behind the house is furnished with a set of Dutch teak chairs and is surrounded by some tropical plants.

In addition to adding to the aesthetics, the application of small pebbles also keeps the garden area from being flooded by rainwater.

Well, it is a row of fresh and beautiful garden inspiration behind the subsidized house.

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