7 Fresh and Beautiful Exterior Paint Color Inspiration

7 Fresh and Beautiful Exterior Paint Color Inspiration

Cool exterior paint colorsDo you want the atmosphere of your home to be cooler and more comfortable? Here is some fresh exterior paint color inspiration. Go ahead, change the exterior paint now, Property.

Home is where we come home and spend a lot of time with family, friends and loved ones.

Therefore, the housing must be well designed and comfortable for all residents of the house.

One that makes it comfortable is the use of wall paint, interior and exterior walls.

NahThere are many minimalist house paint colors that can give freshness so that it makes someone comfortable when they are in it.

In addition to providing a fresh and cool feeling, the choice of paint color will greatly affect the appearance of the home.

Therefore, you have to consider what color to use so that the concept of the house that is built is as you want.

Here are some tips for exterior painting that can make your home fresh and, of course, feel comfortable.

Come, choose what you want!

7 Fresh Exterior Paint Color Inspiration

1. Light green

Cool exterior paint colors

Green is the best cool exterior paint color.

This color is one of the colors that gives freshness so that it can be a choice of exterior wall paint colors.

In addition to making the room in the house cooler, green can also make the eyes feel more refreshing.

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You can add some beautiful ornamental plants and flowers to make it look more attractive.

2. White

Cool exterior paint colors

It seems, almost everyone chooses white as their favorite color for a cool home.

White is also one of the elegant colors for the front of the house, and it is suitable to be combined with other warm colors, such as brown on the door and window frames.

3. Blue

Cool exterior paint colors

Not only does it provide freshness, blue often gives a luxurious impression on the appearance of a house.

Well, you can apply it to the facade of the house as the following inspiration.

You can combine this beautiful and bright house paint color with other colors, such as white, black, to other colors, but blue is the dominant color.

4. Light brown

Cool exterior paint colors

Another exterior wall paint that makes it cool is light brown.

This color can give peace and cool nuance to the area around the house.

You can make a color combination of exterior and interior paint with neutral white or gray.

This will give the impression of being calm and not too flashy.

5. Gray

Cool exterior paint colors

Another cool color inspiration you can try is gray.

Although it tends to have a dark color, gray can really make a house cool.

The paint color for the exterior walls of a gray house is neutral to be able to mix and match with other more attractive colors, for example, white or black.

6. Yellow

Painting the exterior walls of the house yellow creates a cooler and fresher living environment, although it is a bit flashy.

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Even so, yellow can make a room narrower, because it would be better if you apply it to the external walls of the house.

7. Cream

The recommended exterior paint color for a beautiful and bright exterior is beige.

Cream is a soft and soothing color, but still modern and beautiful.

Using the color of cream, the house will give the impression of calm and freshness.

Interestingly, you can mix this color with other colors so that it makes the facade of the house more attractive.


These are some exterior paint color inspirations that can be applied to the facade of the house to make it more attractive.

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