7 Frequently Used IoT Smart Homes

7 Frequently Used IoT Smart Homes

Smart home or smart home is a system that is closely related to the use of IoT or Internet of Things. Use of technology iot smart home itself is currently a trend in the property sector. Many people are interested in using it iot smart home in the house to add comfort and practicality in the operation of the house.

Technology smart home system or smart home is a home development technology based on technology. Homes that are already using this technology allow residents to manage the operation of the house only through a small device or through the smartphones. In fact, the residents of the house can operate the house remotely wherever the occupant is.

This smart home technology was developed to provide solutions for convenience and practicality for home residents in the operation of electronic goods at home. Turning on the lights, the air conditioning, to close the door can only be done by a small device or by the application. smartphones belongs to the occupants of the house.

Use iot smart home for home operation to be practical and easy. In addition, technology iot smart home can save energy consumed by a house. You can set a schedule for when electronic devices like lights and air conditioners turn on and when they should turn off automatically. So, no more stories about house residents forgetting to turn off the lights or the air conditioning resulting in a loss of electricity.

Home security has become safer with CCTV technology and smart door lock both of which can only be established through smartphones. The residents of the house can also monitor the condition of the house and close the door from where the occupant is

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Technology Smart Home IOT which is widely used

Technology smart home closely related to the use of internet of things (IoT). IoT itself is a concept where an object or object is embedded in technology such as sensors or software that is connected to other devices with the help of the internet. This form of relationship is called M2M or machine to machine with humans as users.

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With this IoT technology, especially for your home, you can turn on electronic devices such as lights or air conditioners remotely with the help of the internet. Just use it smartphones you do it.

There are many types of IoT technology used for smart home systems. Of course, the IoT technology used was developed and targeted at housing. The following is iot smart home often used:

1. Smart Voice Assistant

Intelligent voice assistant is a small device that works as an assistant that will help you. With the help of voice command technology, you can directly ask for different types of information and your assistant will give you answers. In addition, you can use these voice commands to operate electronics in your home. For example, if you want to turn off or turn on the light or the air conditioner, you only need to execute voice instructions to the smart assistant device.

2. Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock is a door lock technology that is widely used for housing that adopts the smart home concept. This smart door lock technology is definitely not like an ordinary door lock. You no longer need a key to open or close the lock. You just need to press the code to unlock or lock. So, you don’t need to carry the house keys wherever you go and you don’t have to worry about losing the house keys. You only need to remember your door lock code to enter or leave the house.

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3. Smart Door Bell

Smart doorbell or smart home doorbell system is also an IoT technology that is widely used for housing. This smart doorbell technology is certainly much more sophisticated and practical than an ordinary house doorbell. With this technology, your bell can ring smartphones you see who rings the bell. So, you can check without having to go to the front of your house. Of course, you can do this remotely.

4. Smoke sensor

Smoke sensor or a smoke detection sensor device is an alarm technology that can detect if there is smoke that has the potential to cause a fire. This smoke alarm has been used for a long time. Today, smart smoke sensors have been developed into a sophisticated IoT. If your home contains smoke that could cause a fire, the sensor will turn on and inform you of a potential fire in your home. smartphones did you.

5. IR Remote

IR remote is a small device that you can use to control electronic goods. With just this small device, you can control everything. So if you don’t want to use it smartphones you to operate electronic goods, you can choose to use IR remote.

6. Motion sensor

One of the IoT technologies that is often used as a device in a smart home system is motion sensor or motion sensors. This device can detect the presence of movement and will be very practical if it is used for the operation of home lights. An example is a bathroom light that is integrated motion sensor. Your bathroom light only turns on when you enter the bathroom, and immediately turns off when you leave.

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7. Smart Light Switch

The technology that is also often used in smart home systems in residential areas is the use of smart light switch. This technology allows you to turn the lights off and on remotely. You can use it smartphones you are connected to the Internet. So, you can turn off and on the light from anywhere, as long as you can use it smartphones.

7 smart home The above IoT is the most widely used technology for smart home systems in residential areas. If seen from the description above, this technology will certainly increase your efficiency and convenience when living at home. You can save electricity and can minimize your energy for the operation of electronic goods. In addition, the above technology offers convenience where you can operate your home from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

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