7 Fascinating Minimalist Bathroom Wall Ceramic Motifs

7 Fascinating Minimalist Bathroom Wall Ceramic Motifs

Minimalist ceramic bathroom wall motif

It not only serves to prevent water from seeping into the walls, ceramics can also make the bathroom look more beautiful, here we go! Take a look at the inspiration for the minimalist ceramic bathroom wall motifs that you can copy here!

The bathroom is often an area that is rarely arranged or decorated by the owners.

This is because, in contrast to other areas of the house, it is difficult to install unique decorations or furniture in the bathroom.

One way to make this room more beautiful is to install beautiful wall tile patterns.

Go on, see the different minimalist bathroom wall ceramic motifs that you can choose from below!

Collection of minimalist bathroom wall ceramic motifs

1. Clean and spacious white bathroom

White minimalist bathroom wall ceramic pattern

source: pexels.com

The first minimalist ceramic wall motif in the bathroom looks simple and discreet.

This wall tile has a white color with a touch of blue so it looks calm.

If you like the impression of a minimalist room, mix this ceramic with light white tiles so that the blue motif can be an accent color.

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Not only does it make the room more colorful, the white dominance also makes the bathroom clean and spacious.

2. Charming Room with Monochrome Walls

Minimalist monochrome ceramic bathroom wall motif

source: Intiland.com

The next wall tile design that you can use is black and white smooth ceramic.

This smooth ceramic is suitable to be combined with floors with more impressive or colorful patterns.

The combination of the two gives the impression of a unique room, but not sticky and looks more elegant.

3. Luxury bathroom with dominance of wood color

Minimalist wooden bathroom wall ceramic pattern

source: mandore.id

The next minimalist ceramic motif of the bathroom wall is ceramic with a wood motif.

The wooden designs on the ceramics are very beautiful, even when seen from afar, they seem to be made of real wood.

In this way, you can have the impression of a wooden bathroom with maintenance that is still standard with ordinary ceramics.

4. Colorful Bathroom Area with Tiled Walls

Minimalist Tiled Bathroom Wall Ceramic Patterns

source: temonggo.com

The next inspiration that you can emulate at home is an accent wall made of tiles.

The tiles are quite attractive to people because they have impressive colors with unique designs and are easy to combine with other tiles.

Because it has a color that tends to hit you, make this ceramic tile wall just an accent in the room.

You can look right in the middle of the bathroom to give the impression of a more aesthetic room, but not too much.

5. Simple and Beautiful Hexagonal Wall Tiles

Simple minimalist bathroom wall ceramic pattern

source: bramblefurniture.com

The next ceramic motif of the minimalist bathroom wall is quite unique because the shape of the ceramic is hexagonal, not square.

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Because of its unique shape, the room looks more beautiful even if the color of the ceramic is not bright.

For example, mix hexagonal tiles with wooden furniture and glass partitions in the room.

This can give the impression of a more modern and charming room.

6. Black and white bathroom with ceramic Split

Black and white minimalist wall ceramic pattern

source: popbela.com

The next design is suitable for those of you who want the bathroom to look more attractive.

The walls of the room are covered with two types of ceramics, namely black hexagonal tiles and ceramic tiles metro white.

The two ceramics are separated by a white shelf that can be used as a place to store toiletries.

7. Calm and beautiful room with pastel green color

Minimalistic pastel green bathroom wall ceramic pattern

source: pinimg.com

The last pattern of wall tiles has a beautiful pastel green color.

So that the room looks more radiant and the color of the tiles looks more prominent, make sure to keep a window so that the sunlight enters the room.

The use of pastel colors can give the impression of a quiet room and is suitable for relaxation.


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