7 Exercises with Barbells for Beginners

7 Exercises with Barbells for Beginners

The sports that use barbells are types of work out the most effective for muscle building and weight loss. Besides being healthy, you can also do this sport anywhere and anytime without having to go anywhere gym.

You just need to buy barbell equipment with a weight that fits your needs. In addition, this type of exercise is quite easy to do by anyone because the movements are not difficult.

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So, what are the sports movements that use barbells?

Well, if you are just starting to exercise regularly, here are some barbell exercises you can do as a beginner.

1. Side elevation

This move is easier for beginners because it does not require a lot of force in the core muscles.

Just place the two barbells near your feet. Then, slowly raise both arms out to the sides until they are at shoulder height. Make sure your body is in a straight position when you do this.

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2. Bicep curls

You don’t need to lift heavy weights when doing this move, especially if you’re still a beginner. The reason is, the essence of this movement is to focus the movement in the muscles to be more effective.

It is not very different from the previous movement, you just need to place the barbell on both sides of the legs. Then, slowly raise both barbells towards your chest.

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3. Lungs

Movements similar to squat it focuses on building the leg muscles, especially in the calves. The right way to make the move lungs is to stand in a straight posture while holding the two barbells at the sides of the legs.

After that, position one leg forward, bend until both legs form a 90 degree angle. You can repeat this movement four times.

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4. Dumbbell Bench Press

As the name implies, this movement is done lying on a chair that has been provided with your feet on the floor and forming a right angle.

Then, extend your arms to slowly raise the barbell until it is in front of your chest. If you are still a beginner, you can use a barbell with a weight of 2-5 kg.

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5. Calf Raise

Raising calves This is the easiest move for you to make. When done regularly, this movement can build calf muscles and lose fat.

Just hold on dumbbells on both sides of the legs and make movements like on tiptoes.

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6. Press above

You can do this movement while sitting or standing. Hold the second dumbbells with the elbow forming a 90 degree angle. Then, lift the weight over your head.

Also, be sure to tighten your abdominal and hip muscles to make them more optimal.

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7. Triceps Kick Back

A little different from the previous movement, the triceps meet again Use one arm to lift weights and do it alternately. You can do this with or without the help of a chair.

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The trick, place one knee on a chair with the other hand holding the barbell. Then, lean forward and swing the barbell back up until your elbows are in a straight line. Here is a barbell recommendation that you can use.

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Well, these are some exercise movements with barbells that you can do at home.

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