7 Examples of Inexpensive Minimalist House Fences for 2023

7 Examples of Inexpensive Minimalist House Fences for 2023

Looking for examples of minimalist, aesthetic and cheap home walls. Don’t worry, there are many ideas that you can apply, here we go.

Property People, the wall of the house is a building element that functions to protect the privacy of the home owner

In addition, the fence of the wall is a complement to beautify the appearance of the house when seen from the outside.

The design is even more diverse to align with the concept or style of the building.

Starting from the design of the wall fence combined with hollow iron, laser cut, wood.

Well, one of the options that is currently in fashion is a minimalist fence wall. This fence design is widely used in housing in urban areas.

So, in terms of processing or manufacturing costs, it relatively does not drain the wallet. Intrigued by the design?

www.lacrymosemedia.com has collected inspiration from various sources for the design of a cheap minimalist wall fence for 2023.

7 Examples of Inexpensive Minimalist Home Wall Fences

1. Simple Wall Fence

simple wall

Source: Pinterest/designrumahnya.com

This model is suitable for use in standard houses or type 36-45.

The simple design uses only a wall fence with a decoration of rectangular holes.

Then, combined with an iron door.

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The cost required to make a simple wall fence starts from 200,000 IDR per meter.

2. Minimalist Wall Fence

minimalist cheap fence design

Source: rumahkuunik.com

The next inspiration, the fence of the wall combined with hollow iron.

The fence of the wall is a kind of foot to attach the hollow iron.

The iron design is usually in line with the door, suitable for use in type 45 houses.

If you are interested in this model, you have to prepare about 200,000 IDR per meter.

3. Roster Wall Fence Design

brick roster wall fence

Source: wangsadesign.com

Different from the two previous models, this time there is a fence wall roster design.

This model is not yet widely available at home, although in appearance it is very aesthetic.

For its manufacture using roster, building materials made of cement, concrete, bricks that have holes for air circulation.

The cost for manufacturing ranges from 300,000 IDR per meter.

4. Natural Stone Wall Fence Model

aesthetic fence model of natural stone wall

Source: Pinturahminimalis.com

In addition, there is a natural stone wall fence model that is suitable for natural residential concepts.

The fence wall is made with a height of about 1-1.5 meters. After that, it is covered with natural stone with a neutral color.

For its manufacture, the price is 350,000 IDR per meter.

5. High Wall Fence Design

high wall fence

Source: Pinterest/designrumahnya.com

Do you have a wide front of the house?

Try applying a high wall design to maintain the privacy of the owners.

This high design will not make the house dark, because there are ventilation holes.

The hole is quite large and is mounted with black hollow iron.

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Interested in doing, they prepare a fund allocation of about IDR 150,000 per meter.

6. Classic Wall Fence

modern classic wall design

Source: Youtube/Alam Sakti

Interested in a modern classic style wall fence?

Maybe this model is suitable for your taste. The combination of several materials with the wall as the main foundation.

Models like this had success and became the first woman to be applied to housing in the villages.

For the manufacture itself is in the range of Rp 250,000 per meter.

7. Aesthetic Wall Fence

aesthetic model of wall fence

Source: renovation99.com

By design, the actual wall fence is normal.

The appearance becomes aesthetic and special because of the beautiful design of the house.

The fence of the wall is deliberately made low so that strangers can directly see the whole facade of the house.

This fence model is suitable for homes or complexes where the environment is safe.


These are some examples of good aesthetic minimalist wall fences.

I hope it inspires, Property People.

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