7 Examples of good house side door models

7 Examples of good house side door models

house side door model
Illustration of a house side door model (Source: Freepik)

Using a side door is currently an option for some people because it has a minimalist design and does not require a lot of land. Not only that, the design of the side door also has many variations so you can set it according to your taste. The following is a model of the side door of the house that you can use.

House Side Door Model Design

Combination of doors with glass windows

If you want a side door that is big enough, you can use this side door design. Because this door model has a large and simple size with sturdy wood materials so that it gives a classic and minimalist impression to those who use it.

Facing the garden

Interested in trying this side door design? The side door of your house leads to the garden so that it has a minimalist and modern mix, using this design your residence gives a beautiful and elegant impression. cool because you are directly facing the park.

Modern design

The combination of this design is more concerned with functionality and efficiency, what stands out is that this design uses modern materials with a choice of neutral or monochrome colors. This design is very suitable for those of you who want to build a house today because it uses modern materials and tools in your home.

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Simply with Wood

Although the appearance of this design is very simple, it gives a beautiful and comfortable impression to those who see it. This door is suitable for those of you who want a minimalist concept, you can use monochrome colors to make your home more attractive. It is recommended to use teak wood as the base material so that the side door is more durable and robust.

Side door design with iron trellis

The next side door design is to use an iron trellis, this design is perfect for those of you who want a minimalist concept for your residence. You can also determine which type of trellis model fits the concept of your home. This door is perfect for those of you who want more privacy in your home.


The next minimalist door house design is a tropical style, this design uses a dominant wood material with a matching color so it is very suitable to be combined with a minimalist concept. Not only this, this design also gives a beautiful, fresh and comfortable impression for its residents because it is surrounded by beautiful plants.


The key to the success of having a house with a minimalist concept is the selection of matching colors and not including many colors. You can use a matching color for the side door of your residence to give a minimalist and elegant impression simple

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