7 Elegant Red Room Paint Variations. It turns out to be comfortable!

7 Elegant Red Room Paint Variations. It turns out to be comfortable!

red room paint inspiration

Do you want to apply red to the room, but afraid to fail? Relax, here are variations of red room paint that you can use as a reference!

Not a few people think that red is not suitable for use as the main color of the room for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that the color red can increase energy and stimulate feelings of pleasure, so red rooms make it more difficult for people to sleep.

However, the color red itself is not just one color, but many color variations to choose from.

There are impressive red colors, there are dark red colors, to the red that is included in the pastel color category.

Each of these colors certainly has its own psychological effect, not only to increase energy.

If you are interested in applying red, see some of the following red room paint variations, go for it!

Red Room Paint Inspiration

1. Cherry race

An interesting variation of red room paint to be used as a reference is cherry race.

Cherry race it has bright, but dense features.

With these characteristics, this red color is always comfortable to apply to the bedroom because it is not too flashy.

2. Clean apple

clean apple is one of the best red room paint variations that can create an elegant and luxurious feel.

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The characteristic color, which is dense and tends to be dark, looks classy and not too bright like red in general.

If you want to have a comfortable red room to sleep, color polished apple this could be an interesting option.

3. Socialist

Want a really strong, but still camera-safe red? Try the colors socialist!

Socialist contains elements of a red color that is more intense than clean apple so that the impression of elegance is even more pronounced.

Although they tend to be more clear, color socialist This is always comfortable to apply to the bedroom, especially if the selection of the interior elements of the bedroom right.

4. Kite of safflower

color clean apple o socialist still feel too flashy, but still want to use red room paint?

Safflower kite it is a red-brown color with faded and visible features pen.

This color can be the right choice for those of you who want to have an elegant and luxurious bedroom.

5. Desert Rose

Desert rose it is a pink color with an interesting characteristic, namely the color is dense and tends to be dark.

This color is suitable for those of you who want a room that has a feminine feel and is able to present a cheerful and elegant atmosphere.

To make the room look more attractive, you can use this color as a focal pointso it is not applied to all sides of the wall of the room.

6. Cherry Lollipop

Desert rose does it look too dark? If so, color cherry lollipop can be considered.

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Cherry lollipop it’s a pink room paint that tends to look like magenta, i.e. purplish red.

The combination of red and purple elements is able to present the feeling of an elegant, luxurious and attractive room.

7. Roses are red

If you like pastel colors, roses are red can be used as a consideration.

Roses are red it is a purplish red color with faded characteristics like pastel colors in general.

In addition to giving a touch of elegance and luxury, this color can also give a feminine impression.


It is a variation of red for the room that can be used as a reference.

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