7 Elegant Gray Kitchen Paint Color Variations

7 Elegant Gray Kitchen Paint Color Variations

gray kitchen paint color

Want to design a cool gray kitchen? Here are some interesting gray kitchen paint color variations to choose from!

Choosing a kitchen color is not as easy as it seems because there are many aspects that must be considered.

These aspects include the area of ​​the room, openings, furniture selection, artificial lighting.

So that the kitchen can look as attractive as you want, these different aspects must be adapted to the selection of paint colors.

Gray itself can be an attractive kitchen choice, but it is a bit difficult to apply.

If you do not consider these aspects or do not choose the appropriate gray color, the kitchen will actually look gloomy because gray is a color that tends to be dark.

As a consideration, here are variations of gray kitchen paint colors that can be considered!

Gray Kitchen Paint Color Variations

1. Ironside

Do you want to choose a common gray kitchen paint color that is neither too dark nor too light?

Ironside can be used as an option because this color has a composition that is quite balanced between bright and dark.

To create a more elegant impression, this color can be combined with white.

2. Gropius Gray

Gropius gray it is a variation of gray that tends to be dark, but the color is not too intense.

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This gray color variation can be considered faded and has a slight touch of warm color.

If you want your kitchen to look more elegant, this color can be the right choice.

3. Hurricane Haze

As the name implies, hurricane fogthis color resembles a storm fog.

This color has bright characteristics that make it interesting to combine it with other bright accents, such as gold.

Using such a combination, the kitchen will definitely be more elegant.

4. Gray Web

color gray web This can be the best choice if you want to have an elegant and futuristic kitchen.

To make the kitchen look more attractive, you can choose a color gray web with the surface shiny or shiny.

5. Ouzel of water

Ouzel of water it is a gray color taken from the color of the plumage of the water ouzel or the American blackbird.

The characteristics of this gray color tend to be dark and dense to be able to give an elegant touch to the kitchen.

In addition to this, this color is also interesting to be combined with white.

6. Seal skin

Sealskin, as the name suggests, this color has characteristics like sealskin.

Compared to the previously mentioned gray color variations, seal skin it has a touch of brown.

Thus, this color can be considered as a gray-brown color that can give a warm touch.

7. Blackjack

This gray kitchen paint color variation looks very gray and tends to be dark with a matte surface.

If you want a large kitchen with elegant shades, colors blackjack could be the right choice.

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In any case, so that the kitchen does not look gloomy, a kitchen with this color must have an opening so that the sunlight can enter.

In addition, a kitchen like this must also be equipped lighting or adequate lighting.


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