7 Effective ways to get rid of ants at home at their nests

7 Effective ways to get rid of ants at home at their nests

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Have you tried different ways to get rid of ants, but haven’t found the most effective one? Maybe you should follow the steps in this article!

Friends 99, are you one of the many people who are worried because of the many ants in the house?

A little messy, suddenly there are ants.

The food did not fall much, this a small swarm of insects quickly.

If it is not resolved, it will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and stressed.

Some species of ants are not annoying, while others can bite and cause pain.

Nahit’s time for you to apply how to get rid of ants until there is no one left in the house!

Reasons why ants are not easy insects to exterminate


Ants put their feet on the ground since 90 million years ago…

Preceding the emergence of humans about 250 thousand years ago.

However, it was only from 10 million years ago that the number of species and populations of ants grew and reached their current abundance.

It is estimated that currently the number of species of ants in the world reaches about 20 thousand …

In Indonesia alone, about 1,500 species have been described.

However, it is estimated that there are about 500 more species that have yet to be discovered.

According to history, ant species have evolved to develop complex adaptations in terms of morphology, physiology and social behavior.

For example, when agricultural ants appear, reproductive ants, social parasitic ants, silk ants, flying ants, giant ants, to the ants that can be discovered.

With this complexity, it is no wonder that ants are considered the culmination of insect evolution…

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Like humans with the peak of vertebrate evolution.

7 ways to get rid of ants at home naturally and effectively

group of ants

Each ant, able to live by adjusting the conditions.

For example, one species of ant chooses to search for small food particles…

While other species prefer large food particles.

There are ants that prefer to nest on the ground, some are in wood crevices, some are among the leaves of trees.

Some ants are active at night, some are active during the day.

Through these different life strategies, ant species can share their environmental resources.

Tired of the presence of ants that come easily when the food is wasted?

Or hate it when ants crawl around your body when you’re relaxing at home?

Ways to get rid of ants at home, including:

  1. Exterminate the queen ant, not the workers
  2. Make chalk lines in each corner
  3. Using natural ingredients that ants hate
  4. Installation of ant traps
  5. Sprinkle coffee grounds
  6. Wash the nest with warm water
  7. Keep the house clean

For more clarity see details below…

1. Kill the Ancient Queen, not the workers

queen ant

To implement a powerful way to repel ants, you must understand the difference between the colony and the queen.

It sounds strange, but the facts are true.

The queen stays alone in the nest, is fed by workers who travel outside, then continues to breed more ants.

So, when you can spray the ants that are visible outside, it will not have too much effect.

The ant you just saw is a worker ant.

Their job is to find food and bring it back for the queen and the young ants.

Therefore, these worker ants are your way to the colony.

If you spray and kill the ants, the colony will only send more workers and you will never reach the queen.

2. Create the Chalk Line

chalk line

The second way to get rid of ants that is often used by many people is to apply chalk lines.

Do this to keep in the chalk path.

The calcium carbonate content is said to be hated by ants.

Sprinkle lime powder in certain places in your house to repel ants.

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Actually, slapping chalk lines will not kill you immediately.

But at least it can keep the ants away.

3. Using natural ingredients

natural ant repellent

The use of natural materials is a way of expelling ants that is rarely considered important by the community.

In fact, this effort is quite effective and does not need to involve more chemical objects.

For example, spray lemon juice on doors and windows.

Then drip it into the hole or crevice where the ants enter.

After that, spread small slices of lemon peel around the outer entrance.

No lemons? You can also use orange in a similar way.

You can also use spices like cayenne pepper sprinkled where the ants usually forage for food.

If you find an ant colony in your home, cayenne pepper can help get rid of it.

Another alternative is to pour pepper into the ant hole to kill it from the inside.

Although effective, not all species can produce the same effect.

Sugar and sliced ​​peppers, for example, can become prey for ants.

In addition, you can sprinkle salt on the door frame or directly on the path of the ant.

They will be reluctant to move through the area.

4. Install Ant Traps

ant trap

Try to observe where the ants often congregate.

If you have found the area, it is time to set a trap.

Put in a number of points that are vulnerable to ants…

Like under the dishwasher, near the trash, and others.

Be sure to use boric acid as the main ingredient of the ant trap.

Boric acid is a completely natural and effective ant-killing agent.

When boric acid is digested, the ants will be poisoned and die.

Boric acid also damages the outer shell of ants as does diatomaceous earth.

This ingredient is available in the form of a white or blue powder.

Not only inside, you can also place this trap outside the house, such as an area near the garbage.

5. Sprinkle Coffee Dregs

coffee grounds

Brewed coffee grounds have been shown to be able to repel ants from the house.

Try sprinkling coffee grounds on a disposable surface, like an index card.

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After that, put it near areas that attract ants, such as bowls of animals and plants.

You can also place the page in the window.

As a suggestion, Sahabat 99 should regularly replace the dry coffee sprinkles.

6. Wash the ant nest with boiling water

hot boiled water

If you see an ant nest near the house, pour boiling water over it.

Yes, this method is effective and can kill a lot of ants in it.

The anthill may look small, but the ant colony underneath is vast.

A single stream of boiling water will not be enough to kill the entire colony.

Therefore, make it a habit to water regularly until you really don’t get any ants.

7. Diligent in cleaning the house

clean the house

Even if we use the most powerful method, everything will be in vain if we neglect to clean the house.

Sanitation, for example, is very important for the prevention and control of any pest.

Like all living things, ants need water, food and shelter to survive.

As a first step, make sure that all the food is covered, the floor is free of dirt, and all the surfaces of the house you have cleaned.

During the rainy months, ants more often try to enter the house.

Therefore, cleaning the room is a powerful way to prevent them from entering and looking for another place.

This will really help keep the ants away from coming.

If you don’t smell the food, the ants are reluctant to enter the house.

Clean up immediately in case of spillage, especially syrup or fruit juice.

It’s Friend 99, how to get rid of ants you have to do to make the house cleaner and more beautiful.

As much as possible, avoid ways to repel ants with chemicals.

In fact, it will have a negative impact on the health of your body and other family members.

Go ahead, apply a healthier and more natural way!


Hope useful, friend 99.

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