7 easy tips for a bohemian living room

7 easy tips for a bohemian living room

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Bohemian or boho is a home interior design that combines ethnic and cultural elements vintage from in a room. This design is suitable for those of you who like adventure, you know.

The key to a bohemian interior is freedom in combining different models and textures to produce a room that is comfortable and according to personal preferences.

Various Banners

Although there are no rules for creating a bohemian style interior, use warm basic colors it is a common thing to do, such as brown, gray, green, and so on.

After that, you can use different decorations with extravagant colors to create a unique style of space.

So, how to make a bohemian living room?

If you are interested in this interior design, you can follow a few easy steps to create a bohemian style living room, as reported by Posh Pennies.

1 pair Carpet in the Salone di Boemia

Installing carpet on the floor can add texture and pattern to the room. You can use a classic carpet or rug to give it an attractive look.

Choose a rug with unique patterns and colors to make it look more impressive, but without distraction, like our tips below.

bohemian living room rug
Arthome 245x140x1.3 Cm Venetian rug
Carpet with a waterproof vintage design to decorate the room.

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living room rug
Carpet 120×170 Cm Twist 721 – Ivory
A carpet with a smooth and soft surface to add to the aesthetics of the room.

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2. Use Patterned Furniture

Don’t be afraid to use furniture with patterns and patterns. Because, this is one of the keys to creating a bohemian style room. For starters, you can use it choose a neutral colored sofa with a unique motif, such as the following.

bohemian style sofa
Monstera Fabric Sofa Sleeper – Green
Introduce a bohemian style sleeper sofa to beautify the living room.

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bohemian living room sofa
Nordia Elly Sofa Fabric 3 Seat Patchwork – Blue / Grey
This sofa is unique and durable.

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3. Add a Short Bench

Interior design Bohemian aims to create a relaxed atmosphere. So whatYou can add a short bench, like a seat cushion, stool Poof, bean bag, etc. Here are some tips for contemporary benches that you can use.

bohemian living room seat cushion
Arthome checkered round cushions 43 cm
Soft and comfortable polyester seat cushions.

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automatic bank
Selma Amelya Ottoman Bench – Gray
Ottoman soft stool with storage space.

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4. Avoid dark colors

If you want to create an interior design in bohemian style, avoid bringing a large piece of furniture that is too dark in color. Instead, use light and bright colors to give the room a cheerful and fresh impression.

5. Add Lots of Plants to the Bohemian Living Room

Bohemian interior design incorporates many natural elements into it, from the use of potted plants, hanging plants to vines.

This green plant can create a more comfortable impression. Well, you can also use artificial green plants like the following.

Bohemian living room greenery
Artificial Plant Aglaonema Commutatum 35 Cm
Artificial plants with details and shapes that resemble the original.

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decorative plants
Arthome 41 Cm Privet Artificial Plant With Pot
Place artificial plants with beautiful pots in living and family rooms to add aesthetics.

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6. Add lighting to the Bohemian Room

A bohemian living room is certainly not complete without lighting. So, you can use different type of lamp according to the design of the room, starting from string light, candelabrato the lantern.

7. Add Fragrance

Fragrances can create a certain atmosphere in a room. For example, if you want to create a warm atmosphere, you can use a scented air freshener moss flower.

You can use fresh air with aromatherapy candles or essential oils, such as the following.

aromatherapy candles
True Friends aromatherapy candles
Made from natural ingredients and does not flow quickly at low temperatures.

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citronella oil for bohemian living room design
Huile Essentielle Cozy Mood Lemongrass Life Scent 10 Ml
The essential oil of Lemongrass that is able to repel mosquitoes and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

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Well, these are the easy steps to make a bohemian living room for beginners. If you need other aesthetic bohemian furniture and decorations, you can get them easily www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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