7 Easy and effective ways to get rid of pet peeves at home

7 Easy and effective ways to get rid of pet peeves at home

animal javelin

Are people looking for a way to get rid of pet peeves that roam the house? Let’s read the various easy steps to get rid of these pests in this article.

The javelin is one of the pests that are often around the home environment.

For those who do not know what a spear is, this insect is popularly known as walang sangit.

Usually, after the rain subsides, groups of javelin or walang sangit will fly around in the light of the house lights.

Although it is not dangerous, but many people feel disturbed because of the pungent smell of javelina.

So, how do you get rid of the javelin?

Launch from the page Kompas.comHere are some steps to treat these insects.

Effective ways to remove Javelin Animal at home

1. Fishing with Lights

The first step to getting rid of bugs is to install a lamp trap aka light trap.

Because, the spear is very attracted by the light of the lightning.

Property people can hang light trap on a bucket full of detergent water, so the insects can be accommodated.

2. Use garlic

How to remove stone spears with garlic

(Source: Kompas.com)

Garlic can also be used as a powerful way to repel the black javelin, here.

This kitchen material is believed to be able to repel all kinds of pest animals that travel in the house, including animal javelins.

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For the method, you can crush the garlic and mix it with water and stir until it is evenly distributed.

Then, spray on the area where the plague is present.

3. Liquid soap

If you can’t stand the strong smell of garlic, you can also use liquid soap in the kitchen to get rid of the javelin.

The steps are as follows:

  • Mix a spoonful of soap with a glass of water.
  • Then, put the soap and water mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the liquid in the area where the javelin usually passes.

So easy right?

4. Water basin

the javelin enters the house, overcomes with a basin full of water

(Source: Steemit.com)

The next step to eradicate the javelin of animals is to provide a basin filled with enough water.

Although it sounds simple, but this method is considered by many people as an effective remedy for walang sangit.

You can put several basins full of water on the terrace of the house.

Later, the javelin will be trapped and die by falling into the bucket full of water.

5. Insecticide spray

Although it is considered effective enough to be used as a way to clean the moths and javelin, the use of these chemicals must be careful.

Because, if it is used too much, it can interfere with the health of the owner.

6. Chili Powder

how do you get rid of javelin animals is walang sangit with chili powder

(Source: Jawapos.com)

You can find this most effective black javelin drug very easily in your home kitchen.

Yes, chili is one of the foods that are respected by these nocturnal insects.

How to get rid of animal javelins with chili is quite easy. Here is the explanation:

  • Dissolve chili powder with enough water.
  • Then, put the chili powder solution in a spray bottle.
  • Then, spray the chili water solution right on the body of the javelin that travels through the house.
  • Spears feel the heat, so they will immediately blur or fall.
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7. Cooking vinegar

Finally, Property People can also make a mixture of white vinegar with water as a powerful ‘weapon’ to remove the javelin in the house.

Steps to make this mixture is also quite easy to do.

Well, this is how to get rid of pet lice or stink bugs at home in an easy and effective way.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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