7 Easier and more powerful ways to get rid of us at home

7 Easier and more powerful ways to get rid of us at home

How to get rid of us stay at home

Are there many of us who stay at home disturbing the comfort of the family? Find out the following effective way to eradicate kamis, go!

We may even sound foreign to some people’s ears.

The reason is that the small insects in this house are not easily seen.

However, this type of wall caterpillar is quite a dangerous insect.

Although its body is small the size of a cucumber seed, our danger should not be underestimated.

Our bites can also cause water splashes and itching on the skin which makes it uncomfortable.

So why can we stay at home and how do we get rid of staying at home?

Check out their review together below, of!

How to get rid of us stay at home

an easy way to eradicate kamistay at home

Source: Orami.co.id

Our life cycle usually lasts from 62 to 86 days, which is quite short.

However, once it lays its eggs, this insect can produce up to 200 eggs.

Of course, the presence of these small insects is really very dangerous and must be eradicated quickly.

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If you have been bitten, you must immediately seek our medicine, always in the nearest pharmacy.

As for getting rid of kami naturally at home, you can use the following methods.

1. Clean the house regularly

Clean the house regularly

Source: Republika.co.id

The first way to eradicate it is to clean the house regularly.

As discussed earlier, this cocoon-shaped animal feels at home in a dirty and messy house.

The wall of the house is one of the places where we live, and we continue to create.

Thus, you should also check the cleanliness of the walls as a way to get rid of us who are standing on the walls.

2. How to get rid of us with Camphor in the Closet

we always come from the closet

Source: Kompas.com

In addition to living on the wall, we always like to hide in a closet that is rarely checked.

One of the ways to destroy the presence of kamitetep at home, especially in the closet, is to put camphor.

You just need to put it in several corners of the closet so that these insects are disturbed and eventually leave the closet.

The same thing can also be done as a way to get rid of us staying on the mattress, that is to say put the camphor under the mattress.

3. Take Kamitetep with Tissue

clean the rest with a tissue

Source: Klikdokter.com

The next way to get rid of it is to wipe it with a tissue as soon as you see it.

Kami always tends not to move quickly so when you see him you can clean him up quickly.

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Take a tissue and remove it with us, always attached to the wall or other household furniture.

Be sure not to let these insects bite your hands, be careful.

4. Clean the Cobwebs

spider in the house

Source: Mindrakyat.com

If you ask why we can stay at home? It could be because there are cobwebs that are rarely cleaned.

The reason is that this fabric is one of our favorite food sources.

So you can use this to keep hunger at bay and finally let go.

5. How to get rid of us still with pesticides

pesticides for us

Source: Kompas.com

Another way to eradicate at home can be using organic or chemical pesticides that you can buy in the nearest minimarket.

Spray pesticides in the corners of the house where we live.

One of the places that can be sprayed with this insect liquid is the back of the cabinet, the right side and the left side.

Then, some corners of the walls that you think hide these animals.

6. Install the Mosquito Wire in the Vents

mosquito net

Source: Alacasa.id

In addition to eradicating, keep those who are already at home. You also prevent him from entering.

One way you can do it is to install mosquito nets in every ventilation of the house.

Usually houses with large living rooms have a lot of ventilation holes, which can be used as entrances.

Install mosquito nets to prevent them from entering the house and establishing a colony.

7. Use a Scraper on the Glass

window scraper

Source: Tokopedia

The last way to get rid of us is to use scraper to clean the glass.

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The reason is that we can always adhere to the glass tightly and they are difficult to clean.

Therefore, the tissue alone can not clean. You can clean it with use scraper.


It’s how to root us while staying at home is easy and comfortable.

Hope useful, yes.

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