7 Dining Room Decorations to Welcome Ramadan

7 Dining Room Decorations to Welcome Ramadan

Dining room equipment to welcome Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan is the moment that Muslims have been waiting for. You see, Muslims have to do the obligation of fasting for a whole month to collect rewards.

During the fasting month, iftar events are often held to strengthen the bonds of friendship. Plus, now you can host an iftar event at home. here we go!

Go ahead, use some of the following dining room equipment and decorations.

1. Dining table

Extendable dining table

Use the dining table extendable to be practical and versatile – Source: ruparupa

To accommodate several people, you can provide a dining table extendable

So, you can expand as needed and only need to add extra dining chairs, eh!

However, make sure that the table set has a minimalist design so that the dining room does not look cramped, yes.

2. Table runner and placemats

at a glance, table runner it looks like a tablecloth.

However, wide table runner smaller and can only cover the center of the dining table.

Besides being a decoration, you can use it table runner and place mats to protect the dining table surface.

Choose a dark fabric to cover the stain.

3. Serving Container

Service room equipment

Prepare a nice serving container to serve the main menu – Source: Ruparupa

To make the dish more beautiful and appetizing, you can use it serving container.

In addition to plates, you can use this serving container to serve cakes, here we go!

4. Plates and bowls

These two cutlery should also be on the table. Choose a set of dinner plates, dishes dessertand bowls to match and make the dining table look more attractive.

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Usually, the diameter of the plate dessert smaller or about 18 cm that is used to serve sweets, such as cakes and puddings.

5. Spoon and Fork

In addition to serving containers and plates, they also prepare spoons and forks. You can use a set of spoons and forks made of stainless steel.

Then, save the cutlery in the spoon and put it in the corner of the table to make it cleaner.

6. Teapot and Glasses

Dining room equipment in glass teapot

Choose an aesthetic teapot and glass cups to serve cool drinks – Source: ruparupa

An iftar event is certainly not complete without sweet drinks, such as coconut syrup and ice cream.

Nah, you can serve it in a large teapot and glass cups. Therefore, the dining table will be more attractive.

7. Glass jars

Jar dining room supplies

Store crackers and snacks in airtight containers – Source: Ruparupa

The month of Ramadan is usually synonymous with pastries and cookies. Well, you can store these snacks in a glass jar.

In addition to snacks, you can also store crackers and emping as lunch companions, here we go!

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