7 Delicious and Meaningful Chinese New Year Cakes

7 Delicious and Meaningful Chinese New Year Cakes

Chinese New Year Cake

Spending time with family becomes Chinese New Year traditions that must be done. So that the atmosphere feels more warm and pleasant, of course, we will serve special dishes, such as Chinese New Year cakes.

Chinese New Year cakes usually have a unique shape, taste and texture. In addition to this, you can also find important meanings and philosophy behind each of these cakes.

Various Banners

Therefore, this time we will introduce different types of popular cakes that are usually served during the Chinese New Year.

What are the delicious Chinese New Year sweets that have significant meaning?

Go ahead, find the answer below!

1. Basketball cake

basket cake
Source: wikimedia.commons.org

cake in a basket or “Nian Gao” is always present in every Chinese New Year celebration. The reason is that this cake made of glutinous rice flour symbolizes prosperity and unity among family members.

Usually, basket cakes are stacked, which means an increase from the previous year.

2. Mooncake

Source: unsplash.com

You will also often find moon cakes at any Chinese New Year celebration. Basically, mooncakes are round in shape. However, you can find more interesting shapes of mooncakes over time.

Mooncake fillings also vary, from red beans, green beans, to lotus seeds. On the top of the moon cake there is usually a Chinese writing that means longevity or harmony.

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3. Objections

My cake is Chinese New Year
Source: wikimedia.commons.org

Ku cake is a traditional snack in the shape of a turtle shell with an impressive red color. This type of cake has a soft filling and a sticky texture when eaten.

My cake is often served during Chinese New Year because it has the meaning of longevity and prosperity.

4. Cupcakes

Source: wikimedia.commons.org

At first glance, this cake looks like a steamed sponge. However, the cupcakes are made of rice flour, wheat and tapai cassava. The puffed top of the cupcakes symbolizes a constant abundance of sustenance.

In Indonesia, you can find cupcakes in many colors, such as pink, brown and red.

5. Legit Pencil Cake

Legit Chinese New Year Pencil Cake
Source: wikimedia.commons.org

Legit lapis cake is also a first lady during Chinese New Year. Why, traditional cake This has a multi-layered meaning of sustenance.

To make a legit tin pencil, you need time and a high level of patience. Not surprisingly, this cake has a pretty expensive price.

6. Kue Ong Lei

cue her
Source: wikimedia.commons.org

Kue Ong Lei has a filling and topping pineapple like nastar cake. It is believed that pineapple is a fruit that brings good luck. Therefore, people who eat Ong Lei cake will remain lucky throughout the year.

7. Diamonds

sticky rice diamond
Source: wikimedia.commons.org

Wajik is made of glutinous rice mixed with brown sugar. As the name implies, this cake has a rhombus shape. The diamond cake symbolizes family harmony and brotherhood.

By eating this cake, it is hoped that our goals for the next year will come true.

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