7 Decoration Ideas on the Refrigerator. Make the kitchen more beautiful!

7 Decoration Ideas on the Refrigerator. Make the kitchen more beautiful!

decoration on the refrigerator

You can try some decoration ideas on the refrigerator to make the kitchen at home more beautiful. Not only above, the following decorations can be applied to other areas of the refrigerator.

A small kitchen space sometimes hinders creativity in decorating.

You can also feel lazy because the kitchen is laid out soberly.

However, there are actually many small areas in the kitchen that can be decorated in this way.

An example is to decorate the refrigerator, especially at the top.

In addition to the useful function of the refrigerator, the decorations on the refrigerator can make the kitchen more beautiful.

Not only above, you can also decorate the body of the refrigerator to complement the decorative elements in the kitchen.

So, here is a decoration idea on the refrigerator that can be a reference.

Summary by activists home decor on Instagram, look at the decoration ideas until they are finished, okay!

7 Decoration Ideas on the Refrigerator

1. Use ornamental plants

decoration on the refrigerator

source: instagram.com/apriliawardah91

The first decoration idea above the refrigerator is to use ornamental plants.

It’s a simple idea, but it has a big impact.

The presence of ornamental plants in the kitchen will make the atmosphere in the room feel more alive and beautiful.

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Even more suitable if the stored ornamental plants are able to absorb pollutants from cooking smoke.

2. Storage shelves

decoration on the refrigerator

source: instagram.com/tiairawanti

Do you want to save the shelves, but the space in the kitchen is limited?

Don’t worry, just use the area above the fridge to store the shelves.

Although the area is small, it is enough to store a mini shelf in the kitchen.

To make it look dapper, you can store shelves with beautiful colors.

3. Using a Favorite Sport Club Sticker

elegant kitchen

source: instagram.com/airs.home

Do you have a favorite sports club, Property People?

If so, try putting a sticker on your favorite sports club on the fridge.

This decoration is also easy for you to get and apply.

4. Multicolored refrigerator

the whole kitchen purple

source: instagram.com/rima_neni

It appears to be a home owner with an Instagram account @rima_neni very infatuated with violet.

As a result, he designed all the contents of the kitchen with that color.

Not only the upper and lower cabinets, even the small decorations are purple.

By choosing the color of the refrigerator, the owner uses a sticker with that color.

You can try a similar idea if you want to design a kitchen with a certain color.

Decorating the refrigerator with a certain color will enhance the interior of the kitchen.

5. Beautiful Stickers

decoration on the refrigerator

source: instagram.com/kartikakiky_oktaviany

It was mentioned before that not only the decoration of the refrigerator can be stored above.

However, you can also decorate the body of the refrigerator.

The easiest way to do this is to decorate it with some sticky pictures in a nice way.

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For example, a picture of an animal pasta, like the refrigerator above.

6. Ornamental plants

decoration on the refrigerator

source: instagram.com/rumah_hijabkoe

The idea of ​​decorating above the refrigerator is the same as the first number, that is to say with ornamental plants.

However, the decoration in this kitchen is very different because the theme is really about green plants.

In addition to being able to store plants on the refrigerator, you can use stickers with pictures of plants on them. body refrigerator

7. Using a Refrigerator Cover

decoration on the refrigerator

source: instagram.com/puty.fit_

The decoration idea above the refrigerator that is common and commonly used by many people is to store a tablecloth.

Therefore, the tablecloth is not just a tablecloth, try to match the color with the theme of the kitchen.

Although it is a small detail, the tablecloth can complement the interior so that it makes the kitchen sweeter.


It is the decoration idea on the refrigerator.

Hope useful, Property People.

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