7 Creative Garden Toga Designs

7 Creative Garden Toga Designs

Often the disease comes suddenly and gives no sign. If the pain hit the body, then it will be very disturbing. But even if so many dangerous diseases can spread, there must always be a cure for them. Currently, many people are aware of their health and have started to have a creative Toga garden in their respective homes.

Maybe not all Pins know what a toga means. Toga is the abbreviation of family medicinal plants that are usually planted in vacant land at home. The presence of Toga at home can meet the needs of the medicines of the Pins family by doing it themselves.

Medicinal plants that Pins can grow at home that are effective for the treatment of various diseases are ginger, ginger, turmeric, betel leaf, aloe vera, kencur, and many other herbal plants. Each of these medicinal plants has its own function and benefits for the health of the body.

Planting medicinal plants at home, Pins should not worry about a shortage of medicine if he is hit by a disease. Interested in creating a Toga garden at home? Let’s take a look at some creative Toga garden ideas that Pins can apply in their home bouquets.

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Konsep Garden House

The first idea for a creative Toga garden design that Pins can apply at home is with a concept garden house. This concept is very capable of accommodating different types of medicinal plants in Pins house. To do this concept, Pins must have a large enough plot of land at home.

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For plant lovers who have more capital, they usually do this concept at home. A collection of plants well arranged and in accordance with the group. For plants that are allowed to be exposed to direct sunlight, they will be covered with a black fiber roof so that they can still be exposed to rainwater.

Garden design Roof

Creative Toga Park

This second design will be very useful for Pins who have limited land at home and can save space. From the progress of the architectural field, Pins can make the roof of the house as a new land to be used as a Toga garden.

This concept can be applied if Pins’ house has a flat roof and Pins needs to use special media to create good vegetation on the roof. In this way, Pins can also create a large toga garden and also save the soil at home.

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Drawing Container Gardening

If you have heard this garden design idea, the Pins may be quite foreign. For new Pins to hear, container gardening is one of the planting concepts that can save and beautify the garden at the same time.

The difference between this design and other garden designs is container gardening grow two or more plants in one container. Although it is useful to save space, this concept requires a special knowledge of planting techniques because it cannot simply join the plants. The Pins also need to organize the plants so that they are clean and harmonious.

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Garden Toga Tresles Wall Design

The next design Toga creative garden that is very suitable for Pins to apply at home is the concept of easel walls. In this design, Pins uses wood or iron made as a checkered ladder to hang plant pots.

Pins can be placed in small pots and then pins attached trellis to look beautiful. This design is also suitable if Pins matches the concept container gardening so that saves more on the container and becomes more beautiful.

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Park Toga recycled

In being creative in the garden field, Pins will definitely think of different interesting designs. To produce an attractive garden design is not always used new and expensive materials. Pins can recycle unused items such as scrap barrels, used car wheels, or old wooden boards.

Pins can use used barrels and used car wheels as containers to put medicinal plants. If you want to organize them neatly, Pins can make shelves with used wood boards so they can save more land.

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Toga Vertical Garden

Creative Toga Park

One of the garden designs that can save space and keep creativity is to apply a vertical garden at home. Pins can apply this garden design at home as well you know.

By using the walls of the house that are exposed to direct sunlight, Pins can grow medicinal plants. In addition, the house feels even more natural with the presence of plants in the house. One of the medicinal plants that Pins can plant in this garden is betel and other vines.

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Rock Toga Garden Design

Creating a Toga garden could be very exciting if Pins saw this as a design. With a little soil in the yard of the Pins house, you can produce a creative Toga garden. Medicinal plants can Pins present as an oasis in the middle of a collection of stones that Pins has arranged in such a way as to be attractive.

With medicinal plants that are not difficult to treat, this design suits you because there is not a lot of vegetation that needs to be treated. Pins can also apply this concept if you have a fish pond at home.

Those are some creative ideas of Toga garden design that Pins can apply at home with different functions and benefits. Before applying the concept of the Pins toga garden, it is necessary to analyze the space in the house to make the garden optimally. It can be useful!

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