7 Cool, unique and characterful inspirations for Wall Acian motifs

7 Cool, unique and characterful inspirations for Wall Acian motifs

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For Property People who want to create an unusual impression on the walls of their home, the following wall covering motifs can be the best inspiration. Guaranteed, unique and character!

Acian is a process finished wall after plastering the walls that has the purpose of smoothing the surface.

The way to clean the walls must be done carefully and carefully with the right mixture of cement so that the results are clean and satisfactory.

Usually, the plaster of the walls of the house is done without reason because it simply smoothes the surface and covers the pores.

It’s just that you can too here we go Make wall plaster motifs so that they look unique, fresh and unusual.

In addition to clearing evenly and smoothly, you can give a touch of patterns to the wall.

NahIf you are interested in making plaster motifs on the walls, see some of the inspiration below, come on!

7 Inspirations for Acian Mural Motifs

1. Acian Kamprot motif

wall motifs

Source: Instagram/propertibbani

It does not have to be smooth and even, rough plaster walls can also be an option.

One of the most interesting motifs of the Russian wall is the kamprot motif.

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The Kamprot walls are a unique variation of the house walls, Property People.

Kamprot motifs make the wall surface rough or textured.

With a textured wall surface, finished the wall looks interesting.

However, smooth kamprot walls can also be an option if you don’t like textured walls.

It’s just that, it takes special skills to make the reason for the kamprot wall.

If neglected, the results will not be satisfactory.

2. Water Rope Acian Motif

wall motifs

Source: wall-panels.com.au

The inspiration for the next wall painting motif is made with a water rope motif.

For those of you who don’t know, the water line works very vitally on the wall.

Some of the exterior walls of the house use water lines to drain water to prevent seepage or splashing.

Naha water rope with a strip motif is an alternative as a motif for the walls of the house.

For example, the reason of water rope from fine cement mortar is suitable for industrial houses.

3. Kali Stone Accian motif

natural stone wall motif

Source: youtube/Tri Supriyo

Do you want to look different on the outer wall of the house? Calm down…

The river stone motif can be a good choice to make your home unique.

You can make this a natural stone wall motif on the terrace or garden of the house.

By using only plaster, you don’t need to buy natural stone or river stone ceramics which are quite expensive.

Although it looks unique, making a wall plaster like this requires special skills.

4. Textured Panel Acian Motif

wall panels

Source: thenuancestudio.com

Textured wall panels are one of the wall motifs that are suitable for industrial homes.

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Rough look at a semi-finished wall (infinite) makes the interior or exterior of the house more characterful.

Interested in wall motifs like this, Property People?

5. Orange Peel Pickled Pattern

Source: swing

It should not only be smooth, the wall coverings are also good cook with a textured surface.

For example, the motif of orange peel coating gives a unique impression.

You can choose the plaster wall motif if you don’t like the rough kamprot walls.

Although uneven, the coating of the orange peel walls makes the surface appear finely textured.

6. Reason for Scratching

Source: handymandekoratif.com

The acian rub motif is the next inspiration, Property People.

Acian motifs like this are widely chosen and applied to the exterior walls of the house.

The variation of the wall with the acian rub motif is suitable for a house fence or a dividing wall with a neighbor’s house.

7. Motif Acian Striped

wall motifs

Source: astudioarchitect.com

Walls with striped plaster patterns look very attractive and aesthetic, here we go.

This acian motif is made from a cement mixture that is “scratched” or formed by horizontal lines.

If done correctly and accurately, the results will look cool.

NahThis type of wall motif is suitable for the external walls of houses, such as near fish ponds or house fences.


These are the various wall motifs that you can choose from, Property People.

I hope the article above inspires you!

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