7 Cool and trendy holiday outfit inspirations

7 Cool and trendy holiday outfit inspirations

Come on stage stylish during the holidays it is not difficult, you know! You can combine everyday clothes, such as t-shirts, shirts and hoodie with the right accessories.

First of all, determine this first holiday destination that you will visit. So, only then can you adjust your look to the holiday destination.

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The best holiday inspired outfits and The fashion

If you are confused search dress interesting, calm, we will share the inspiration for you.

1. Outfit Simple and convenient to go to the mountains

top outfit inspirations

Of course, the mountainous area is your favorite vacation destination, right? Because it is quite cool, you can wear a shirt, then mix it with a pastel colored jacket to make it even more beautiful. stylish.

Wear dark pants and black or white shoes, okay? So, it’s easy to mix and match with the boss. Well, we have a recommendation dress that you can use.

pastel jacket outfit inspirations
Ataru Ukuran Xl Lightweight Foldable Jacket – Pink

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black shoes
Dr. Kong Size 39 Women’s Sports Shoes

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2. Fashion What you do Aesthetic in the flower garden

flower garden dress inspiration

The flower garden is sure to be one of those vacation spots instagrammable, No? Well, you really need to look more attractive to be able to take cool pictures.

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Do this by combining jeans sleeveless shirtlike the inspiration above. Make sure the top and bottom colors complement each other so it doesn’t look weird, OK!

Leave more elegant, you can, you know, use it tote bag with cute motifs and beautiful sandals, such as the following.

tarsier tote bag
Ataru Tote Bag Tarsius – white

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flip flop sandals
Ataru Size 38 Simple Flip Flop Flip Flops – Blue

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3. Look Happy at the Playground

playground outfit inspiration

If you want to go to have fun at the playground, of course, your appearance should also look cheerful. Well, you can choose sweatshirt bright colors to be combined with suit.

The important thing is to wear comfortable shoes to be able to move freely. Don’t forget to use it bucket hat funny to not get hot huh! Here are some tips for the hats and shoes you can wear.

white shoes
Dr. Kong Size 38 Women’s Shoes W5001013 – White

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bucket hat
Ataru Topi Bucket Reversible Checkered – Hitam

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4. Appear Unique and Casual at the Zoo

top outfit inspiration

You can still look good when you go to the zoo, you know! Just wear clothes of the same color, say a shirt or a long-sleeved shirt that is slightly worn and shorts or pants.

Then, mix with bucket hat with small checkered patterns and neutral colored sandals to make it look more casual. Here are some tips for sandals and hats that you can wear.

Women's beige sandals
Dr. Kong Size 39 Women’s Casual Sandals S3001617

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reversible bucket hat
Ataru Topi Bucket Reversible Houndstooth – Hitam

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5. Outfit What you do Sports make it to the waterfall

fall outfit inspiration

Confusing search dress for a waterfall vacation? Relax, you can wear a dark shirt with a light material and shorts. In order not to slip and are easy to remove, you can wear mountain sandals or non-slip flip flop sandals.

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So, wear a hat and carry a waterproof bag so that your things don’t get wet, like the following.

blue hat very inspiring
Ataru Topi Baseball – Biru Washed

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black tee outfit inspiration
Bts Bs Tee 01 Black L

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6. Display Chic on the beach

beach outfit inspiration

Not only for formal events, you can also wear a dress while on vacation at the beach, you know. Then, match the outfit with bucket hat to ward off the hot sun. In addition to protecting the head, this type of hat can also make you look more fashionable.

Don’t worry, we have advice for clothes and outfits bucket hat the best you can use. Go check it out below!

Ootd bucket hat inspiration
Ataru Reversible Bucket Hat – Yellow/grey

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long dress sikka
Pendopo Sikka Long sleeveless dress 1122

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7. Look Charming when Traveling to Museums

clothing inspiration at the museum
Source: Instagram /@ataruindonesia

Go, look cleaner when you go to the museum! However, this does not mean that you cannot combine the clothes and accessories that you like.

To stay stylish, use a simple t-shirt with a jacket instead out of. So, you can wear it tote bag to store different luggage, such as the following.

jacket outfit inspiration
Lightweight folding jacket Ataru Size L – Blue

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tote bag
Ataru Long Tote Bag Quotes – Putih Ivory

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Well, that’s the inspiration dress vacation you can take. You can get many models of contemporary clothes and cute accessories for style fashion no longer stylish only in variety.

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