7 contemporary home design ideas, let’s see what happens!

7 contemporary home design ideas, let’s see what happens!

3D rendering of cozy modern house with pool and parking for sale or rent in luxury style and beautiful scenery in the background. Sunny summer day with clear blue sky.

Contemporary home design inspiration, photo source Unsplash

Owning a home is something that everyone dreams of. The house is a place of shelter that will be a provision to be occupied in the future. However, there are many considerations when deciding to buy a home, such as determining what type of home design you want.

Speaking of the appearance of the house, the contemporary design seems familiar. The design of the contemporary house is an innovative design which means that it evolves according to the changes in the world of architecture. Contemporary itself means the present.

Also in harmony with nature, because contemporary houses not only offer comfort for residents, but are also safe, they do not harm nature. The characteristics of the design of the contemporary house are the use of neutral colors, not many partitions in the house, the use of large glass to maximize the light in a room with the sun, furniture used a minimalist style and the presence of technology like smart home systemuse of air conditioning, automatic lighting functions and others.

Contemporary styles change with the development of the architectural world, so if you want to buy a house or renovate your house with a contemporary home design, the aesthetic side and the elements that are in trend are important.

Here are 7 contemporary home design ideas that you can try!

Mezzanine Contemporary Home Design Ideas

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Do you want to have a home that is contemporary and functional? To get around the lack of floor, apply a mezzanine design concept where the use of high ceilings and a good surface construction are important keys to build a half-floor room that is between the floor and the ceiling. Do not forget to add railing stairs as a security especially if there are children.

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Contemporary design is synonymous with the use of neutral or non-flashy colors. In this way, this design style is suitable for you to apply. Maybe you are familiar with the Scandinavian interior style that puts forward a calm color scheme and accentuates a natural and sticky impression. Well, what about Japandi o Scandinavian Japanese? The Japanese style is right to be applied to the house to make it look simple but always up to date. There is no need to put a lot of furniture, just a bed and a few ornaments to sweeten the corner.

Tropical Model

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Contemporary home designs are in harmony with natural elements. Applying a tropical design is no less interesting. Use wooden ornaments combined with large glass as the main ornament for the exterior of the house. In addition to looking cool because the wood prevents sunlight from entering the house directly, the house looks contemporary and elegant with the combination of these two elements. Take advantage of wall screws (climbing pussy) to make you feel more beautiful.

Contemporary modern

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Do you want your home to feel spacious and spacious to make it more comfortable to live in? This modern modern house design is suitable for you to use, that is to say the use of white sundries both outside and inside the house as furniture, the color of the walls to the furniture. To accentuate the modern impression, use a black house frame made of aluminum. In this way, the combination of the dominant colors black and white does not highlight a flashy impression, they tend to give a warm impression, it gives a wide impression and is suitable if you want to combine it with other colors.

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Scandinavian design

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This is one of the interior styles that is suitable for contemporary home design due to the use of colors calm such as gray, white, black and light brown accentuate a natural impression that is sticky. If you want to apply an internal style scandinavianput wooden furniture, green plants to evoke freshness and furniture white is synonymous with style scandinavian in order to evoke the impression of simplicity, spacious and clean.

Contemporary house design 1 floor

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A simple 1-story house design is not surprising if it becomes a favorite, because in terms of construction and maintenance costs, it will be cheaper. Combining black, gray and complete with the use of brick walls exposed, wood material and round metal pendant lights to show the effect infinite. Although it is 1 floor, the house can feel spacious because of the minimal partition.

Draft Semi-outdoor

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The presentation of a comfortable house with a dominant part of the garden, the pool or the open area can be a reference. You can use the open area as a garden terrace to create a home design semi outdoor. In addition to optimal air circulation, the concept semi outdoor bring a fresh atmosphere to gather whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. Suitable for eating moments like barbecue with the family