7 Combinations of Violet with other Colors

7 Combinations of Violet with other Colors

Purple is one of the most popular colors for women. It is not surprising if in any part of the country, you can find a house that is dominated by purple. For those who like the color purple, the color is considered beautiful and also pleasing to the eye. However, according to research, the color purple also gives the impression of being lovable, sympathetic and optimistic. Purple is also considered an activator for creativity and fire. So, are you one of those who are also interested in beautifying your home with this color? Here are 7 combinations of purple with other beautiful colors to inspire you:

7 beautiful combinations of purple with other colors to live

combination of purple with other colors

First, there is purple combined with white, brown and green. Although the colors seem to clash with each other, in fact these colors when combined and combined can be a good combination.

Apparently, purple is also suitable to be combined model or some reasons, you know! For example, in the following image. Light purple is used as a color kitchen set and mix and match with kitchen tiles with floral motifs. Maybe many people think that purple when combined with motifs will be tacky. In fact, this is not proven, if we are smart in choosing the reasons to be combined.

The combination of purple with another third color, seems suitable to be applied in your daughter’s room. The purple wall is decorated with an image of a rainbow with a polka pattern. Cheerful and feminine impressions appear naturally in this purple color combination.

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Meanwhile, if you are looking for a combination of purple with other colors that gives an elegant and mature impression, then this combination can be an option. The purple color chosen is a dark purple color or commonly known as the color wine. The color is combined with light pink, blue marina, as well as other shades of blue that can really make the room look more luxurious. Interested in trying it out?

Combining all purple gradations is not a bad idea. In fact, with this combination you can present an elegant impression in a room. An example is the following inspiration. Starting from the walls, the decorative flowers, until the sofa, everything is purple, but it still does not hurt the eyes that see it. On the contrary, you feel the impression of calm.

Sixth, once again the impression of a cheerful purple color was able to emerge from there. The purple color is combined with the turquoise color, although it seems strange, but it turns out that the combination of purple with other colors on it is unique to the eye. It is applied to the facade, making your house look unique and extravagant. This color combination also makes your home easily recognizable.

Do you want to quickly create a feminine impression? Just mix purple with pink like in this example. Also, put flowers around the area to enhance the beautiful impression. The combination of purple with other colors on it we often see, but with the placement of flowers that people rarely use, you can get a better overall.