7 color trends expected to arrive in 2023

7 color trends expected to arrive in 2023

Color trends 2023

Entering the end of the year, many new trends began to emerge. One of them that has a big impact on the field fashion and the interior is the color trend in 2023.

In 2022, the color trends are full of unique colors like very dangerous, another case with the year 2023 after. The New Year is expected to focus on a color palette that represents serenity, freedom and newness.

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So, for those of you who have just moved house and want to change the atmosphere, you can use these colors to create a different feeling.

So, what are the 2023 color trends?

Launched by several sources, we have summarized 7 colors that are expected to be a trend in 2023, as follows.

1. Tangelo Orange Trend

orange color trend dining table
Add tangelo orange as an accent to make the room livelier.

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This color is inspired by the color of tangelo fruit. Because of its bright and fun color, tangelo orange is the right choice for those of you who want to try bright colors.

Not only with paint, you can also use this color as an accent decoration and home furniture, such as chairs and pillows.

2. Color trends Peach Pink

peach pink room
Source: unsplash.com

Graceful is the word that fits this color. Unlike other bright pinks, peach pink it has a softer light that gives a calming effect.

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If you like the interior of shades of shadows, you can combine them with colors tone of the earthsuch as brown and beige.

3. Ivory White Color Trend

ivory white trend
Create a charming room with a mixture of ivory white and natural colors.

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The color white is never out of style. However, the white color that is expected to be a trend in 2023 is ivory white. Because the light is warm and soft, ivory white combines well with natural colors.

4. Ocean Blue

blue trend sofa
Present a calm atmosphere with a combination of white paint and blue sofa.

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The blue sea is a color that reflects peace and serenity. It is not surprising, this one color has always been a favorite for every home interior design.

Use white wall paint and add a navy blue couch. This atmosphere will make you feel like you are on the beach.

5. Burning red

red tendency
Create a charming contrast with a red sofa and neutral color decor.

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The bold effect that is fiery red making it one of the hit colors in 2023. This color symbolizes a spirit that is passionate and full of energy.

To balance, you can apply color fiery red on large pieces of furniture, such as sofas. So, use neutral colors as decorations.

6. Jade

green trend
The sofa is moss green which gives a natural impression and well-being to the room.

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Color moss green or jade is also expected to be a trend in 2023. In addition to giving a natural impression, this one color also expresses strength and well-being.

You can add matching colors in the room to make it more natural.

7. Terracotta

terracotta color
Source: unsplash.com

If you want an interior that looks warm, terracotta colors with sunset shades can be an option. Also, the color of terracotta is identical to the color of brick. Thus, you can add decorations made of clay.

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These are the colors that will be the trend in 2023. If you are interested, you can visit www.lacrymosemedia.com to find a variety of home furnishings and wallpaper with a variety of unique colors.

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