7 Choices of Home Roof Lining Colors to make the interior more beautiful!

7 Choices of Home Roof Lining Colors to make the interior more beautiful!

painting the ceiling

A good and attractive ceiling color will give your home a different feel.

So, consider some of the following color options for your dream home!

Ceiling trim is a connector that is located on the roof of the house and is placed between the walls and the ceiling.

The presence of a roof cut is very important because it also supports the load to avoid the risk of collapsing.

Not only that, the existence of a roof cut can really support the beauty of the interior of the house.

Usually, the roof trim is made of gypsum, wood, PVC to GRC roofs, according to the design and concept of the house building.

However, not a few are still confused about the choice of a good and attractive ceiling color.

Inspiration for 7 good ceiling colors

Some of the following ceiling cutting inspirations you can use as inspiration to make your home look more different.

1. White

white ceiling trim

Source: Instagram @designrumahkita

White is the most popular color and can be applied to any design.

This neutral color is suitable to be combined with many other colors.

One of them is a combination of yellow on the walls, and white on the ceiling that can create balance.

The white ceiling is suitable to be applied throughout the room.

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In general, the color of the white ceiling is often applied in the minimalist houses, which adapt to the painting of the ceiling.

2. Cream

warna lis ceiling cream pastel

Source: Kanopitop.com

The color of the ceiling trim that you can consider next is beige.

Beige is a color that is used a lot because it is classified as neutral.

Especially if the ceiling uses good lighting, because it emits warm colors.

Suitable combined with other pastel colors, or can be with white.

3. Youth

purple ceiling

The color of the ceiling trim that you can consider is purple.

The combination of purple and white gives a simple but elegant impression.

A soft purple color can make a room stand out more and give a bold impression.

In fact, the combination of purple can also give calm and reduce the effect of the sun in the room.

4. Black

cut of the roof of the black house

Source: Pengadaan.web.id

Black is a color that is also suitable to be combined with other colors.

As seen in the picture above, you can combine it with white on the ceiling and yellow on the walls.

This color combination creates a minimalist and modern impression.

In addition, you can create an attractive look with other black and white decorations.

5. Natural Brown Wood

brown wood ceiling trim

Source: Pengadaan.web.id

The brown color of the natural wood finish offers a unique aesthetic to the interior of the room.

You can choose colors that match the concept of the room at home.

For the beige walls, the natural wooden ceiling helps to keep the room shaded and spacious.

For a darker wall paint color, the cut of the wooden ceiling will give an elegant impression.

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6. Light Blue

light blue ceiling paint

Source: Elledecor.com

Light blue is a color that can create a calming impression.

The combination of the light blue ceiling and the white walls gives a modern impression.

The fascinating combination of these colors gives a fresh look.

You can apply it in the living room, family room and bedroom.

7. Not yours

golden yellow roof

The color of the ceiling with golden yellow, of course, will give the impression of luxury.

In addition, if it is combined with the edge of the ceiling with wood carvings, it adds to the impression of elegance.

To stand out more, it must be combined with good lighting so that the golden yellow color is more illuminated.


Well, it was a variety of ceiling color choices that can be applied to your home.

I hope this information helps, Property!

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