7 Choices of blue ceramic bathroom ideas to make the interior look charming

7 Choices of blue ceramic bathroom ideas to make the interior look charming

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Looking for a good bathroom tile color? Check out a wide selection of the newest and most beautiful blue bathroom tiles aesthetic the following.

Bathroom tiles are an important element of interior decoration.

There are many sizes, patterns and colors of bathroom tiles that residential homeowners can choose from.

One of them is the blue bathroom tiles that come with different patterns and sizes.

Not a few people like blue, because it is considered a good color for wall tiles.

Residential owners can also apply these colors to the bathroom floor.

If you are interested in bringing blue into the bathroom, let’s look at the different ideas below.

Variety of Blue Bathroom Ceramic Options

1. Unique Ceramic Motif

elegant bathroom tiles

(Source: Instagram / @justrhiri)

This minimalist bathroom ceramic model looks unique with a combination of blue and white.

The motif of bathroom ceramics in the form of flowers is able to give a beautiful accent to the decoration of the self-cleaning area.

This minimalist bathroom design also feels fresh because of the presence of ivory betel hanging on the shelf.

2. 2 × 2. Bathroom ideas

unique blue bathroom wall tiles

(Source: Instagram / @kakai12)

The bathroom of the bathroom looks charming and clean because it combines two blue ceramic motifs.

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The combination of the floral motif on the floor of the bathroom and the unique ceramic wall makes the decoration beautiful.

This minimalist 2×2 bathroom design feels even more luxurious with a wall-mounted shower.

3. Beautiful Blue Accent

the latest minimalist bathroom tiles

(Source: Instagram / @mi_azkayra)

The blue bathroom tiles are also suitable when used as an accent for interior decoration.

As seen from the modern minimalist bathroom aesthetic this.

The bright ceramic color is combined with the wall covering material with a blue round motif.

4. Luxury bathroom decoration

modern minimalist bathroom wall tiles

(Source: Propertypro.co.id)

Many non-slip bathroom tiles come with unique and luxurious patterns.

As the case, which is used in this luxury bathroom design with shades of blue.

Examples of bathroom tiles with this combination produce a fascinating aesthetic for decoration.

5. Simple but nice bathroom

cheap bathroom tiles

(Source: instagram / @hestipointiasari)

A simple bathroom and toilet model will look aesthetic when using straight ceramic.

Property People can make the idea of ​​a combination of floors and bathroom walls as inspiration at home.

Do not forget to add animal stickers on the walls to give a unique impression.

6. Elegant Bathroom Style

non-slip bathroom tiles

(Source: Idntimes.com)

Elegant bathroom tiles with symmetrical patterns make the interior attractive.

This symmetrical ceramic bathroom design is a unique accent for the interior of the area.

The white wall paint color is applied intentionally to give the impression that the bathroom is spacious and clean.

7. Modern luxury bathroom design

luxury blue bathroom ceramic pattern

(Source: Clayimports.com)

Abstract motifs are also suitable when combined with minimalist tiles.

For example, this image looks luxurious and charming with its interior decoration.

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Well, this is a variety of the best blue bathroom ceramic ideas that you can use at home.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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