7 Causes of the washer dryer not spinning and how to fix it

7 Causes of the washer dryer not spinning and how to fix it

how to repair a washer dryer

There are several steps you can take to fix the cause of the washer dryer not spinning. Go ahead, check out the variety easy way to solve.

Both 1 tub and 2 tub washers have dryers. The part often does not rotate, with its use at home.

In fact, washing machines really help to facilitate the task of washing, cleaning, and even drying everyday clothes.

Usually, the cause of the electronic device not working is due to a broken cable connection.

If a part of the electronic equipment of the house is damaged, it will certainly make the washing activity interrupted and the clothes will not dry perfectly.

However, apart from a broken cable, it turns out that there are many other factors that can cause damage to the dryer.

So, what are the other causes of the washer dryer not turning?

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7 Causes of Washer Dryer Not Spinning and Solutions

1. Fuel Engine Condenser

condenser-washing machine-burnt

(Source: Dlaiqa.com)

One of the things that make the dryer hose not spin is a burnt condenser, you need to know this part.

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If the Property People experience that the washer dryer does not spin and just hums, then it is possible that the capacitor has caught fire.

To repair this electronic device, you can replace the condenser of the washing machine with a new one.

2. Engine Drain damned

Washer drain motor is broken, washer dryer won't spin

(Source: Kliktekno.com)

The next cause of the washer dryer not spinning is damage to the drain motor.

To note, these elements function to run the drying process.

She was engine drain the washing machine is broken, it means that the clothes inside cannot dry, because the water drain does not work.

As a solution, you have to replace with new spare parts.

3. Damaged by Rats

Rat bites cause the washing machine cable to break

(Source: Sibinatang.com)

The trigger for a broken washer dryer can also occur due to the annoying act of rodents or mice in the house.

These house pests often enter the parts of the washing machine and bite or eat the wires until they are disconnected.

Well, when this happens, then the way to repair a 2-tabun washing machine is to call a service service, because there are cable colors with different functions.

4. Dynamo natural damage

PriceDynamo-Washing machine is broken

(Source: Tokopedia)

The part of the washer-dryer that cannot be used may also be because the dynamo is broken.

So, the solution is that you have to replace it with a new dynamo.

However, keep in mind the price of a washing machine dynamo is quite expensive.

However, there is another solution, a washing machine service usually repairs the dynamo by re-rolling it.

5. Timer Broken tumble dryer

washer dryer timer broken

(Source: Electricity.com)

The reason for the washer dryer Sharp and other brands not spinning can be due to: timer the damned.

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Damage to timer This can happen when the washing machine has been used for a long time, so that the spring components have worn out out of.

Timer damage can also be due to the presence of small animals such as ants and cockroaches, thus preventing the performance process of the engine in it.

6. The dryer door is not tightly closed

Top opening 1 door washer

(Source: Kompas.com)

Another cause is the door not being closed tightly.

Multiple models washing machine it will not start to work if the door is not closed tightly, in fact it can stop itself.

Therefore, make sure that the door of the washing machine tube is completely closed before starting to wash.

7. Full of too much clothes

How to fix a stuck washer dryer that won't spin

(Source: My-best.id)

Some people will put a lot of clothes in the washing tube, because it is considered to save time in the transformation.

However, it is found that this will cause damage to the washing machine.

So you should not immediately put a lot of clothes in the dryer so that the performance is not heavy.

This is why the washer dryer does not spin and how to overcome it. Easy isn’t it?

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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