7 Causes of the Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing in the Refrigerator and How to Overcome It

7 Causes of the Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing in the Refrigerator and How to Overcome It

broken freezer

Freezer not frozen is one of the problems that often occurs in 1-door refrigerators and 2-door refrigerators at home.

Area freezer itself is one of the rooms or boxes in the refrigerator that has the coldest temperature.

Freezer box refrigerator is usually located at the top with volume a smaller one.

Average temperature freezer the advice for the refrigerator is minus 18 degrees Celsius.

face freezer be a special place to freeze food ingredients or to make ice cream and ice cubes.

Unfortunately, the duration of use does freezer the refrigerators were broken, one of them was not frozen.

So, what are the problems and how to overcome them freezer not frozen? Let’s see it in full below:

Causes and How to Overcome the Freezer Not Frozen

1. Dirty Coil Condenser

Condenser Coil

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Coil the condenser of a freezer is usually located in a different location.

Some are in the walls freezer, but some are placed on the back or the bottom.

For that reason coil the condenser is inside, coil These are usually protected enough to not get dirty easily and do not need to be cleaned.

However, coil those at the bottom or back, should be cleaned regularly every 6-12 months.

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For what, coil it is in an easily accessible and open place.

If coil dirty, the condenser will not be able to absorb heat effectively and will reduce its ability to freeze food.

2. Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor can also be a problem freezer not frozen in the refrigerator.

The function of the evaporator fan motor itself is used to circulate the air above coil evaporator so that it can be circulated in all parts freezer

If the evaporator fan motor does not work, then freezer can’t freeze anything.

Almost all refrigerators have their evaporator fans stop when the door is open.

To check the evaporator fan motor, we need to open the door freezer and manually activate the door switch.

If the switch has been turned on, but the evaporator fan motor does not work, then the fan must be replaced with a new one.

3. Closed Evaporator Coil

Refrigerator evaporator coils

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Right coil closed evaporator, one of which is the result of a problem with the system defrost heating system (defrost) every day will usually be lit several times a day to melt any ice that may have accumulated on the coil evaporator.

Unfortunately, the system defrost sometimes it doesn’t work to its full potential, so the ice will continue to accumulate coil evaporator.

That will create a zone freezer not frozen or refrigerated to the max.

To ensure that the system defrost work or not, you can use a multimeter to test the continuity of the system.

4. Condenser Fan Not Working

The condenser fan works by drawing air through the condenser.

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If the fan motor is faulty or if the fan is not working, air cannot be drawn from the condenser.

As a result, the freezer of the refrigerator can not cool or freeze.

Therefore, you need to check the headlight motor because the bearings of the headlight motor can wear out, so they need to be replaced.

5. Refrigerator door open too often

The best refrigerator of 2021

If he opens the door freezer repeatedly in a short period of time, a large amount of cold air can escape from the refrigerator.

It will also raise the temperature freezer will come down

This can also happen if the door doesn’t close completely or if food blocks the door when you try to close it.

Try carefully checking the seal along its perimeter, including the opening of the refrigerator door.

If the door cannot be closed, repair the seal so that the refrigerator can work optimally.

6. Check Temperature Setting

If freezer not frozen, adjust the temperature control to a lower setting.

It can take up to 24 hours to order freezer it can reach a new temperature.

So, wait a bit before checking the condition again freezer refrigerator

Especially if you only put warm or hot food inside freezer

The compartment may take 24 hours to stabilize its temperature.

7. Block Freezer Vents

refrigerator not cold

Right freezer other non-freeze possible due to the circulation of ventilation air in the compartment freezer

If you have trouble finding ventilation in the passage freezer, you can see the manual guide.

After finding it, rearrange the food in freezer to allow air flow in that area.

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There are many causes freezer not frozen and how to easily treat at home.

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