7 Causes of Elpiji gas that escapes quickly. It can be caused by trivial things!

7 Causes of Elpiji gas that escapes quickly. It can be caused by trivial things!

LPG gas runs out quickly

I bought gas, but will it run out soon? It could be that you have made a number of causes of LPG gas escaping quickly accidentally. For more details, read to the end of the next article!

One of the most annoying things when you are passionate about cooking is the stove gas that suddenly flows.

In fact, the use of gas only a few days.

If you have a similar problem, there are a few things to keep in mind.

One of them is your habit of using the stove.

The reason is, there are many trivial things that cause gas the elp run away quickly

What are they?

Go ahead, check out the full review below!

7 Causes of Elpiji gas that escapes quickly

1. Not Cleaning Gas Stove Periodically

because of the LPG gas that escapes quickly it is rarely clean the stove

Stove cleaning is the most important thing that you should pay attention to.

A stove that is kept clean will always emit a blue flame.

This fire is hotter than red or orange fire.

However, if you are lazy to clean the gas stove, you can be sure that the blue flame will not come out.

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This will make the cooking process much longer and consume a lot of gas.

2. Not Using Good Quality Gas Hose

Gas stoves are pressing in all directions, so they need a good quality hose.

The minimum pipe used has the ability to withstand a pressure of 500 psi.

If it is less than this, the hose will quickly collapse and cause gas to escape through the gaps in the hose.

This condition is one of the causes of gas the elp run away quickly without you knowing.

3. Often Cook Using Aluminum Materials

Today, many aluminum and enamel pots and pans are sold in the market at quite affordable prices.

Although they have an advantage in terms of price, many do not know if these two types of metal are the cause of the gas the elp run away quickly

The reason is that metal is not a good conductor of heat.

For cooking, it is highly recommended to use kitchen utensils made by stainless steel which can conduct heat perfectly.

With the use of this kitchen tool, the food will be cooked faster.

4. Unbalanced Cookware and Food Portions

because of LPG gas that quickly comes out kitchen utensils are not suitable

Do you often use large kitchen utensils to process small portions of food?

If so, start reducing and even eliminating this habit.

This is because kitchen utensils, such as large drawers and pans, require more time to heat up.

As a result, the use of gas for cooking is much more.

5. I often cook food ingredients that are processed for a long time

Not all food ingredients can be processed quickly.

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Some of them take longer to cook.

One of them is meat, especially bones such as oxtail or ribs.

So, take advantage pressure cooker when cooking meat.

In comparison, cook the ribs until tender without using pressure cooker it takes up to 2 hours.

Meanwhile, when it is used pressure cooker, The meat can be tender in just 50 minutes.

6. Don’t Cover the Pot

If you are going to boil food for a certain time, make it a habit to cover the pot.

Not covering the pot will actually make the heat uneven.

As a result, gas stoves have to work extra to keep the heat stable.

7. Turn off and turn the gas frequently

due to LPG gas coming out quickly it often turns on and off

Cause of gas the elp the last quick run is to turn it off and on often.

As an alternative, prepare the food that will be prepared well in advance.

This is done so that you can use the stove alternately without having to turn off one of them.

This step is a perfect solution to be able to save on the use of gas stove.

Features of gas stove Out

Identifying a self-igniting gas stove is fairly easy.

You only need to know the following characteristics of exhaust gas:

  1. The fire does not burn
  2. The weight of the tube is light
  3. The color of red fire

How to save Elpiji gas at home

home kitchen with stove

Gas the elp running away quickly can certainly make you angry.

You have to spend extra funds beyond the calculations that have been made.

To be more effective, there are many ways that can be done.

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Here are some ways to save stove gas at home.

  1. Remove the regulator when you want to travel.
  2. Use kitchen utensils according to the food being prepared.
  3. Use the right cookware.
  4. Use a good quality tube.
  5. Clean the gas stove diligently.


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