7 Causes of a Leaking Dispenser and How to Solve It Easily

7 Causes of a Leaking Dispenser and How to Solve It Easily

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Does the dispenser in your home keep dripping water? Be careful, leaks do occur. that’s it! Go on, find out the cause of the leaking dispenser and also how to fix it here!

One of the household electronic items that is commonly owned by Indonesian people is a water dispenser.

The water dispenser can help you drink water easily without having to boil water or cool the water first.

But unfortunately, this tool is very prone to leaks if not taken care of properly.

If you are confused about why your dispenser at home can leak, let’s find out the cause and how to fix it here so you don’t have to buy a new dispenser!

7 Causes of the leak dispenser that must be looked after

1. cone Broken dispenser

The gallon is too heavy, causing the dispenser to leak

The cause of the first dispenser on the run is covered with cones broken dispenser.

This cause is usually found in the dispenser of the upper gallon and is found because the gallon is too heavy or the gallon is tilted.

As a result, the button in the middle covered with cones become broken and make the gallon of water above.

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2. Cross Perforated Gallon Cap

The next cause of the leaking dispenser is the part of the gallon cap that is pierced through.

This can cause half covered with cones broken dispenser.

Generally sign covered with cones yours is broken is the gallon doesn’t make a “blup” sound when used.

3. cone Incorrectly installed dispenser

cone dispenser installation

Installation cone improperly, it can also cause your dispenser to leak.

When reinstalling coneyou can see that there are closures throughout cone.

Make sure cone it makes a “click” sound when installed as a sign that the key fits.

If the installation is not correct, the gallon of water can overflow and cause a leak.

4. Loose Dispenser Lever

The next cause can occur in the top or bottom gallon dispensers.

Frequently used dispensers make the dispenser lever loose.

This can make gallons of water flow continuously and fill the reservoir under water.

5. stop brought

a worn cap causes the distributor to leak

stop wear and tear can also be the reason why your dispenser keeps dripping water.

In general, the leak that occurs due to this cause is only in the form of small drops, but if it is not checked it can make the gallon flow quickly.

sad, plug used cannot be repaired and can only be overcome by purchase plug the new

6. Dispenser Frequently Moved

The next cause of a leaky dispenser is a dispenser that is often moved.

Due to frequent changes, the pipe in the dispenser changes and makes the installation imperfect.

This causes the water to flow from the gallon to drip on the dispenser and wet.

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7. Gallons of water you waste

gallon of broken water

If the leak is at the top of the dispenser, the cause is most likely from the gallon of water.

Gallons that leak due to cracks or have been used for too long can prevent gallon water from entering the filtration process.

The way to fix this problem is to replace the gallon with a new one and make sure that the clean gallon is also not stored in an area exposed to the sun.

How to fix a leaking dispenser

How to fix a dispenser that often drips water is quite easy.

If the cause is cone broken dispenser, then you can replace it with a new one.

Meanwhile, if the cause is a loose lever, then fix the loose lever immediately.

Finally, if the cause is a sliding dispenser pipe, then return the pipe to its original place and make sure that the pipe is installed properly.

So that the dispenser does not leak again, make sure to always clean the dispenser and take good care of it.


These are the different causes and how to fix a leaky dispenser.

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