7 Best Tote Bag Recommendations from ATARU

7 Best Tote Bag Recommendations from ATARU

Tote bag is it bag patterns a bag that works for carrying groceries. However, as the world develops fashion, tote bag now widely used to travel and look stylish.

You see, you can choose many models of designs and colors tote bag, so it can be adapted to the style of clothing. In particular, tote bag This is considered more practical than other types of bags, you know!

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Recommendation Tote Bag The best from ATARU

So, look for it tote bag fancy for a walk? If so, go ahead, see the stock tips tote bag the following.

1. Tote Bag nylon

nylon tote bag
Ataru Tote Bag Nylon Puffy – Hitam Metalik

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Do you want to look fashionable and elegant? Well, you can use this tote bag This black nylon is waterproof. In addition to making your luggage safer during the rainy season, this black bag from ATARU also has a different pattern. aesthetic, you know!

Leave more fashionto mix tote bag this with casual style clothing, such as t-shirts and pants jeans Even wearing it to the office can be charming, you know!

2. Tote Bag Canvas

tote bag fabric
Ataru Tote Bag Canvas – Powder Pink

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If you like to look feminine, use it tote bag this pink cloth. keep calm tote bag It has many compartments, so you can store many things, from mobile phones, wallets, to drinking bottles.

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3. Reversible Tote Bag

reversible tote bag
Ataru Reversible Canvas Tote Bag – Pink/blue

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Reversible tote bag It has 2 colored sides that can be reversed. So, you can use the two models interchangeably, you know! In addition to not boring, you can also adjust the color tote bag with fashion style.

4. Large Tote Bag

large tote bag

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As its name, tote bag It has a fairly wide size and is equipped with a zipper. So, you can also store your laptop safely. Because it has a modern and minimalist look, you can combine it tote bag this with any fashion model.

5. Tote Bag with writing Quotes

tote bags with quotes
Ataru Long Tote Bag Quotes – Putih Ivory

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In addition to having an attractive design, tote bag this can also motivate you with pearl words. Thus, you can radiate positive aura throughout the day.

Since the shoulder is quite comfortable, you can use it tote bag This is when you go to the mall or go to college.

6. Tote Bag Mesh

knitted shoulder bag
Ataru Tribal Knitting Tote Bag – Black

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If so, good to go to travel, you know. Because it has an interesting colorful pattern, you can combine it tote bag with other brightly colored clothes. In this way, your appearance will look more cheerful and fun.

7. Extendable Tote Bag

tas bahu extendable
Ataru Extensible Canvas Tote Bag – Cream

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Finally, there is tote bag that both ends of the side you can open. So, the bag will be wider and can store a lot of things.

In addition, this bag is equipped with a short and long strap, so you can carry it or hang the bag on your shoulder. Tote bag This is perfect for going to work or to travel

Here is the recommendation tote bag the cutest and the best you can buy on ATARU through variety.

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