7 Best Recommendations of Drinking Bottles for Children

7 Best Recommendations of Drinking Bottles for Children

There are many recommendations drinking bottles the children you can choose for your little one, starting from the colors, shapes, to the models on the bottles.

One of these children’s school supplies can also make it easier for your child to drink water regularly during school and on the move.

Various Banners

However, you have to pay attention to the material of the drinking bottle. Typically, these products are made of plastic and stainless steel.

The most important thing is to choose a bottle that is BPA free and of good quality food quality for the health of the child.

Recommendations for a safe bottle

So, this time, we have some recommendations for baby drinking bottles that can be your choice, as follows.

1. Appetite 320 ml Bottle for children

This little Appetite bottle is made of quality plastic and is BPA free, so it is safe for your baby. In addition, on both sides of the bottle there are handles that can make it easier for your child to carry it.

Recommendations for baby drink bottles
Appetite 320 Ml Baby Bottle – Green

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2. Kris 350 Ml Baby Bottle

To ensure that your baby has enough fluid needs, you can attract him with this cute drinking bottle with an elephant.

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In addition, this bottle is also equipped with a plastic straw and a string belt Thus, it is easier for the child to take it everywhere.

baby water bottle
Baby bottle Kris 350 ml – green

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3. Skip Hop 350 Ml Zoo Monkey Drinking Bottle

Slightly different from the previous bottle models, this one has a bottle cap design flip. So, your child needs to remove the cap from the bottle when he wants to drink

In addition, you can wash this bottle with use dishwasher to be more practical.

bottle recommendations
Skip Hop 350 Ml Zoo Monkey Bottle for Kids

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4. Kris 350 Ml Flipstraw Baby Bottle

This bottle of Kris is suitable for giving to boys. Of course, the materials used are of high quality food quality, tThere are straws, and even handles that can be carried anywhere.

bottle recommendations
Flipstraw Kris 350ml baby bottle – blue

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5. Rubbermaid 400 mlm Tiki Flower Baby Bottle

This baby bottle is suitable for children from 3 years and above because it has a beautiful combination of colors and patterns. In addition, the small size also adds to the sweet impression.

No need to worry about the drink spilling easily because this bottle is designed with a leak proof cap angle of fingers to be easy to wear.

baby bottle
Rubbermaid 400 Ml Tiki Flower Bottle for Kids

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6. Rubbermaid 250 Ml Baby Pumpkin Bottle

Your child will surely be excited about their days with this tiger shaped water bottle. With a capacity of 250 ml, this BPA-free bottle has a rubber stopper. Therefore, it is not easy to spill when shaken or dropped.

school supplies for children
Rubbermaid 250ml Juice Bottles for Kids – Orange

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7. Kris 500 Ml Tritan Printing Bottle for Kids

To ensure that your child consumes enough water, you can choose this water bottle with a capacity of 500 ml. In addition, this bottle is not easily broken and scratched because it is made of tritan plastic which is known to be similar to glass.

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school supplies for children
Kris 500 Ml Tritan Printing Baby Bottle – Blue

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Here are some tips for baby drink bottles that you can give your baby. The most important thing is to provide drinking bottles with colors and pictures according to your child’s preferences.

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