7 Best Floor Mat Recommendations as needed

7 Best Floor Mat Recommendations as needed

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Foot mats are a cloth used to wipe and clean dust and dirt on the soles of the feet. It is no wonder that the rug is an indispensable item in the home. Take it easy, there are many types of mat tips that you can get.

You see, mats consist of different sizes, colors and materials used. Thus, you can choose a carpet according to the type of room, both for the bathroom and for the bedroom.

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The most important thing is to choose a non-slip mat to minimize unwanted events.

So, what are the types of materials and recommendations for the best mats that we can use?

Well, this time, we have some advice mat material which can be your consideration so that the residence becomes more comfortable and clean.

1. Feather mat

feather stove
Informa Terry Ziggy Bath Mat 40×60 cm – Green

Only 69 thousand IDR

This mat is made of material polyester equipped with fine hairs on the surface. You can place feather mats in different rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

This is because the texture of the carpet that is too soft will be easily damaged if you use it to clean the surface of sandals and shoes when you put it outside.

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2. In the middle fibers

palm fiber mat
Informa Door Mat Printed Home – Chocolate

Only 90 thousand IDR

Unlike the previous types of mats, this palm fiber rug has a rougher texture, so it is suitable for you to place outside.

Palm fiber mats can clean dust and dirt that sticks to the soles of shoes or sandals more easily.

3. Iron mat

type of rug
Source: cdn.eurekabookhouse.co.id

Iron mats are generally used for muddy factory or market needs. The reason is that this mat easily absorbs water and is not easily damaged, so it does not need special care.

Even so, this type of carpet is not suitable for you to use at home because it is dangerous for the feet that do not use shoe covers.

4. PVC mat

mat pvc
Mat 40×60 Cm PVC Motif – Blue

Only 60 thousand IDR

Mats with PVC material are also easy to absorb water. You can put it in dirty kitchen areas and bathrooms because it can remove the dirty water marks that stick to your feet.

In addition, this mat is also available in many patterns, so it is suitable for you to make additional decoration on the terrace of the house. However, make sure to clean the PVC mat regularly so that it does not get damaged easily.

5. Towel Mat

towel mat
Informa Set of 2 Elvin Towel and Rug – Beige

Only 70 thousand IDR

A towel is a type of rug made with a polymer material similar to a bath towel.

Although it is not too thick, this rug can still absorb water easily. In addition, the rug is anti-slip, so it is suitable for you to put it in front of the bathroom to avoid being slippery.

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6. Cotton Doormat

cotton mat
Ataru Bath Mat 40×60 Cm Jq – Navy Blue

Only 70 thousand IDR

Cotton rugs are specifically for the bathroom area because they can absorb water better. In addition, this mat is also available in a variety of attractive colors and patterns, making it suitable for brightening up the bathroom at home.

7. Non-slip mat

non-slip mat
Non-slip bath mat 30×30 cm

Only 12 thousand IDR

There are also anti-slip mats used specifically for bathrooms. Thus, we can avoid the risk of slipping on the slippery bathroom floor. This rug can be located nearby shower o bathroom bathroom

So, here are some tips for mats that you can use at home to make it more comfortable. Also make sure to always clean the carpet regularly to avoid bacteria.

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