7 Bed Sheet Colors for Better Sleep – Ruparupa Blog

7 Bed Sheet Colors for Better Sleep – Ruparupa Blog

Minimalist bed linen color to improve the quality of sleep

It does not only serve to beautify the room, color also plays a role in shaping the atmosphere around it. This also applies when speaking bed. The choice of bed linen color can really make sleep sounder, you know!

Of course, if you sleep well, it can have an impact on the freshness of the body and mind, especially after a tiring day of activities outside. In any case, make sure that the bed linen is made of soft and fresh materials.

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So, what are the bed linen colors that can make you sleep sounder?

Well, to answer your question, we have summarized some recommendations for minimalist bed linen colors that you can use in the bed.such as the following.

1. Light Blue Color Sheet

So that the room looks cool and calm, you can choose light blue sheets that are synonymous with the sky and the sea.

Reported by homesandgradens.comThis not too bright color can calm the mind and reduce muscle tension, especially when combined with white wall paint.

minimalist color of sheets
Flower 120x200x40 cm Set of 5 bamboo sheets – blue

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2. Minimalist Sheets in Gray

Although it looks like a color that is rarely used in rooms, gray is actually the choice of many people in addition to white. Not only does it not look dull, gray will make the room look fresher and not easily dirty.

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You can choose bed linen with a few simple patterns so that it does not look monotonous.

minimalist color of sheets
Krishome 160x200x30 Cm Set 6 Pz Seprai Leaf Polyester – Abu-abu

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3. Single color sheet Sage Green

Green is synonymous with nature, so it can have a calming effect on the mind. Especially if combined with green and light gray that makes the look softer.

You can choose leaves with leaf or plant motifs to give a fresh and attractive impression.

Sheet color advice
Sleeplite 180x200x30 Cm Set 5 Pz Seprai Flower Aileen – Hijau

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4. Pastel Purple Modern Bed Sheet

Pastel purple is one of the most popular colors in recent years. Not only beautiful, this color gives a calm feeling that is suitable for relaxation. In addition, the room also feels cool because of the soft color.

color sheets for a better sleep
Fiore 160×200+40 Cm Set 6 Pcs Seprai Tencel Solid Patch – Ungu

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5. Sweet Pink Bed Sheet

Not only does it present a feminine and romantic impression, a soft pink color can also make you sleep better. You can combine it with white and brown furniture for a minimalist impression.

color of the information sheet
Informa 180x200x30 Cm Set 5 Pc Washed Microfiber Seprai – Mauve

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6. Minimalist White Bed Sheet

The white color never fails to combine with all types of home furnishings, one of which is for bed linen.

In addition to giving the room an elegant impression, clean white can also look cooler. In addition, wThis neutral color can be used by all genders and ages, so you don’t need to change it.

minimalist color on the bed
Linotela 120x200x35 Cm Cotton Sheets – White

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7. Neutral Beige Bed Sheet

If you have a narrow room, you can consider cream-colored sheets. In addition to being able to improve the quality of sleep, this warm color can also make the room seem more spacious. You can also combine it with different types of furniture.

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neutral color of sheets
Royal Touch 200x200x40 Cm Set 8 Pz Seprai Tencel William

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Well, here are some tips for bed linen colors that you can choose to improve the quality of your sleep.

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