7 beautiful indoor wall waterfall designs, check it out!

7 beautiful indoor wall waterfall designs, check it out!

The waterfall wall in the house is one of the decorative elements that we commonly find. Their presence can bring the sound of gurgling water into the house and provide a calming effect for those who hear it. The presence of a waterfall in the house is also considered to add a natural and natural impression to the dwelling. No wonder this indoor waterfall uses a lot of natural stone as its main material. But with the progress of the times and increasingly varied designs, currently there are many wall waterfall designs in the house that look different, from simple to luxurious. For those of you who are also interested in putting a wall waterfall in the house, here are 7 beautiful and pleasant waterfall designs:

7 Beautiful and beautiful designs for wall waterfalls in the house

internal wall waterfall

The first design is the simplest wall waterfall design. The natural stone on the back is just a simple line design. Even so, the installation of this waterfall is able to raise the surrounding atmosphere to look more beautiful and natural.

internal wall waterfall

The second design, is still a simple design. The difference is that the waterfall wall in this house has a three-dimensional square pattern. The bottom of the waterfall pool is also set in such a way that it produces a blue reflection that makes the overall appearance more impressive.

For those of you who are looking for an elegant waterfall design in your home, maybe you can see and adopt the following design. With the use of natural all-white ivory stone, an elegant and luxurious impression appears in the following designs. In addition, the shower was made in several parts, successfully adding to the aesthetic impression.

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The addition of stones near the waterfall pool can really make the overall look of the waterfall in this house very different from others. In fact, the overall impression is like being in a natural waterfall in the middle of the forest! Dare to imitate the design of this waterfall?

So, for those of you who still want to try something different, you can adopt the following waterfall design at home. Placing the stone steps in the pool really represents a natural waterfall that we can find in nature. The addition of shade trees to the right and left reinforces this impression. Seeing this waterfall makes you want to immediately jump into the water to swim!

Different from others, the wall waterfall in this house looks so futuristic with the addition of blue lights in the pool and a very modern waterfall design from the top of the pole.

Finally, there is a waterfall that is very aesthetic. The shape of a shower, even if the water is not as much as other waterfall designs, can still give a calm and natural impression with the sound of gurgling water coming out.