7 Beautiful Door and Window Paint Color Combination Ideas

7 Beautiful Door and Window Paint Color Combination Ideas

The combination of door and window paint colors can change the appearance of the interior and exterior to be more beautiful. Can’t believe it? Go ahead, take a look at some of the pictures!

There are many ways to beautify the appearance of the house.

One of the good and effective steps is to change the paint color of the door and window.

You need to determine the color combination of door and window paint that matches the residential style.

If you find it difficult to choose a combination of colors for the sill and window paint, you do not need to worry.

www.lacrymosemedia.com has prepared a wide selection of good door and window paint color combination ideas.

I can’t wait to see the picture, let’s see below!

7 Color combination ideas for painting doors and windows

1. The color combination of Tosca Blue Frame and Gray Doors

the color combination of Tosca blue frames and gray doors

Source: bereco.co.uk

The first inspiration was the combination of blue and gray tosca colors of doors and windows.

This combination can make the house look more warm and comfortable.

Also, the house looks cleaner. This color is suitable for those of you who have a minimalist concept home.

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2. Purple and Pink Combination

a combination of purple and pink sills

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Do you want a bright and easy to see facade of a house?

You can apply purple and pink combinations to residential doors and window frames.

To balance this bright color, you can paint the exterior walls in a softer color.

3. Black and white frame color combination

white and black combination of door and window frames

Source: patriotpaintinginc.wordpress.com

This door panel paint color combination looks simple.

However, this color combination can make the facade of the house look elegant.

The white frame looks in harmony with the exterior walls of the house. While the black door looks very prominent.

4. Pastel Blue and White

nice color combination of white sills and pastel blue windows

Source: hgtv.com

Next, the combination of colors that you can apply is pastel blue and white.

The blue pastel is suitable to be applied to the door of the house. While white is the color of the window sills.

This combination is suitable for use in retro and vintage concept residences.

5. Yellow and white combination

combination of white and yellow

Source: https://www.bhg.com

The paint color combination of the door and the nearby window is yellow and white.

You can use yellow on the door. So, the white color on the window sills.

This color combination gives a cheerful impression, especially if a matching wall color is used.

You can add some decorations to give it a warm atmosphere.

6. Unity of red and white

white frame color and red door

Source: benjaminmoore.com

The combination of red and white colors, like the picture above, can create a bold and always aesthetic effect.

Although it uses an impressive red color, it will not make the front of the house look stiff.

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Because the red color is only used on the door only. The rest, like Windows, use white.

This allows the white color to muffle or balance the red color. Interested in trying it out?

7. Combination of Brown and Red Frame Paint

a combination of brown and red frames

Source: thisoldhouse.com/Kellie Design

You want to create a nuanced home home?

You can use a combination of brown and red sill paint.

The difference between the two colors is not too impressive, so when you see it by eye it is still very comfortable.

This combination is suitable for houses that are thick with wooden elements like traditional Javanese houses.


These are a good combination of door and window paint colors.

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