7 beautiful and charming living room paint color ideas

7 beautiful and charming living room paint color ideas

a beautiful set of living room paint colors

Confused about choosing a nice living room paint color? Go ahead, just look at the article below!

The game of color in the interior will make the living room look more attractive.

However, determining the right paint color is not easy.

Instead of confusing yourself, let’s take a look at some of the following beautiful living room paint color ideas as a reference!

7 beautiful living room paint color ideas

1. The combination of green and wooden elements

beautiful living room sage color paint

Source: instagram.com/_naszemiejsce

First, you can use green silver mist to paint the living room walls.

Then, mix it with wooden floors and furniture to create a natural impression on the room.

The combination of these two elements effectively makes the interior seem warmer and more comfortable for activities.

If you don’t want it to look too crowded, use white paint for the ceiling plinth plain

2. Color wall Lucent Yellow

beautiful yellow living room paint

Source: instagram.com/interior_look_book

The next beautiful choice of paint color of the living room is bright yellow.

It looks bright, but not too bright, so you don’t have to worry about the room looking dazzling.

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You can combine it with wooden furniture and white textile elements that are more neutral.

This arrangement is perfect for a small living room because it minimizes the impression of being cramped.

3. Blue Paint Color for Living Room

minimalist blue living room

Source: instagram.com/amyshomelife

The next idea is to use a variant of blue paint blue champlain.

You can use it only on one area of ​​the wall to make that area stand out more.

Meanwhile for the other part of the wall, use a more neutral color like white or cream.

Then, install a floor rug, sofa cushions, and a blue chandelier to balance the look of the room.

4. Color units Peach and Orange

Aesthetic design of the living room

Source: ohjoy.com

You can also mix it up fishing and orange to create a beautiful living room paint color.

Use paint fishing on the top half of the wall and orange for the bottom half.

So, choose furniture with matching colors to fill the living room.

You can also include copper and white accents so it doesn’t look too monotonous.

5. Red paint color for Living Room

beautiful living room paint color inspiration

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

The next idea is to use red wall paint.

However, do not choose the primary red color because it looks too bright for the interior.

Use the variant lilac paradise o light youth which is more subtle.

So, mix it with dark red pieces and similar furniture vintage red.

6. The combination of green and beige paint in the living room

beautiful living room color combinations

Source: home-designing.com

Variant combination of green paint colors plateau and beige can also be the best choice for the living room, here we go.

The combination of these two colors will make the living room look more cheerful and unique.

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So that the composition does not look boring, divide the color of the application in a ratio of 1:3.

In the upper quarter of the wall you can use color plateau, while for the rest it changes to a beige color.

7. The combination of pink and cream

pink yellow color combination ideas

Source: idealhome.co.uk

Finally, you can consider mixing color paints raffia cream and bit is beige.

Raffia cream it is a pink variant that looks darker and calmer.

Provisional bit is beige it is a variant of brown color that at first glance looks like a dark yellow color.

For those of you who want to use bright colored paint, but not too bright, a combination of the two is the best choice.

Then, fill the room with accessories and furniture of matching color to make it look more charming.


I hope this beautiful living room paint color idea can inspire you.

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