7 beautiful and beautiful color combinations of curtains and walls

7 beautiful and beautiful color combinations of curtains and walls

The color combination of curtains and walls is clean and beautiful, check it out here! Photo source Unsplash

Choosing the right color for curtains and walls is very important to make the house look beautiful. In general, curtains are located in the living room, family room and bedroom. The combination of colors that synergize in addition to the beauty of the interior, will be good for mood Did you you know.

If you are tired with the look of the house and want to bring the color of the curtains and walls in it. Do it above residence to look fresher and as a sign to start the day with a new spirit.

Yes, in addition to changing the atmosphere in which we live, it turns out that the combination of curtain colors and house paint is said to affect the psychological condition of the occupants. For example, if you want to give the impression of luxury, then choose a cream color for the wall paint and curtains is the right choice. So, what color combination is right between the color of the curtains and the walls to make it look clean and beautiful? Check out the following tips!

The combination of cream and brown curtains and walls

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One of the combinations of colors for curtains and walls to make it look luxurious and bright is beige. The beige color can give joy, warmth, and even an elegant feeling in your home. Combine this paint color trend with tone others that match, for example, brown and white.

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The combination of green and white curtains and walls

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The color green is good tone Dark green to sage green never seems to go out of style. From the past until now, green is everyone’s favorite. The impression of calm and soothing to the eyes is presented by the color green. In addition, the green paint can be made in color happy if it is bright green and becomes elegant with dark green, it is also very easy to mix and match with any colored furniture.

The combination of all the blue curtains and walls

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Pastel colors seem to dominate the trend this year. The proof, the clear sky is one of the right choices combined with white. A soft yet clean feel can be achieved by using these pastel colors. Used for almost all rooms in the house, the bright blue tone will be more visible when combined with white. Choosing a light blue color is one of the powerful tricks to make the interior of the house feel more spacious.

Purple and white

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Purple is synonymous with the impression of glamour, luxury and elegance. Choose the use of this paint color on the wall and then combined with white curtains will evoke a sparkling and calming element. There is no need to worry, the effect of space does not seem tight even if purple is not a bright color. Choose bright furniture such as chandeliers that add a chic and beautiful atmosphere to your home.

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Blue and Black

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Often hesitate to use black in the interior or furniture home? There is no need to worry, because according to feng shui, black has a great element and energy of water. Like light blue, these energizing water colors can stimulate creativity. In addition, this color can also make you relax and can increase concentration so it is very suitable when used in a meditation room (for example for yoga) or a study / work room. The water energy carried by black and light blue can reduce stress, both for psychological and physical health.

white and brown

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Also, the recommendation for a combination of beautiful curtains and walls is white and brown. The white color can give a spacious impression to the room, so it is suitable for homes with a compact area. This type of color is also very good for those who want to create a bright space atmosphere and can be mixed and matched with different interior styles.

color Beige

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color beige usually found in Japanese style homes. mix cream, brown, white and a little gray make the living room elegant. Use matching color curtains so that the guests who come will be more comfortable with the soothing interior of the house. Do not forget to add some decorations of wooden elements to make the room more aesthetic.

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