7 bathroom rug materials you need to know

7 bathroom rug materials you need to know

Ataru Cotton Bath Mat 40x60 Cm Jq - White

Everyone bathroom definitely have a rug, which is inside or outside the room. You see, the main function of the rug is so that we do not easily slip after the bath. However, the choice of a bathroom bathroom material should not be arbitrary.

Also, not all of them bathroom rug materials can absorb water well. If the carpet is still wet after the bath, it always makes the floor slippery and we can easily fall when we get out of the bathroom.

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What are the materials of the bathroom?

So, what bathroom stove materials can we use? Relax, we will discuss one by one the mat material below.

1. Cotton

cotton mat
A matching cotton rug next to the bathroom

The most commonly used bathroom rug material is cotton. See, this material is considered sufficient to absorb more water. In addition, cotton rugs are also easy to clean and gentle on the feet.

However, the downside of cotton rugs is that they spill easily and you need to clean them regularly. Here is a recommendation for a cotton rug that you may have.

mat material
Round cotton bath mat Forhom 60 cm – dark brown

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mat material
Forhom cotton dome bath mat 50×80 cm – Taupe Brown

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2. Nylon

Forhom 60x40 Cm Keset Kamar Mandi Diatomite Anti Slip - Krem
If the carpet has a slippery texture, you can add anti-slip

Nylon mats are usually thinner and have the property of drying easily. You don’t need to clean the nylon mat often. Although nylon rugs do not absorb water like cotton, they are more durable in the long run.

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Unfortunately, nylon mats have a slippery bottom surface, so you have to be extra careful. The solution, you can put an anti-slip mat as a base.

3. Bamboo

For those of you who prefer materials that are a bit rough, you can use bamboo fiber mats.

Bamboo mats can absorb water well. In addition, this mat can also add a luxurious and aesthetic impression to the bathroom, because it looks like you are in a spa.

Unfortunately, these bamboo mats are more difficult to clean. In fact, among other materials, bamboo mats are the most durable.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl mats cannot absorb water. Therefore, you can install it in the section shower or a bathroom that is constantly exposed to water.

This is done to prevent slipping easily and falling when bathing again. You see, this rug is also not easy to move when exposed to water. Therefore, it is quite safe to put it close shower and bathroom.

Kris Euro Bath Mat Mj-7740eb - White
Kris Euro Bath Mat Mj-7740eb – White

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mat material
Tatay 54×54 Cm Non-Slip Bathroom Mat – White

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5. PVC

mat material
A flexible and comfortable PVC mat on the feet

PVC carpets have a harder structure. However, this material is a bit stronger, flexible and lighter. The patterns of PVC rugs are very different, so you can adjust them to the theme of the bathroom.

So, here are tips for PVC mats that you can use at home.

Forhom Square PVC Bath Mat 50x80 Cm - Light Brown
Forhom Square PVC Bath Mat 50×80 Cm

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mat material
Kris 40×70 Cm Feather Pvc Bath Mat – Black

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6. Microfiber

Forhom 40x60 Cm Set of 2 Foam Bath Mats - Blue
Microfibre mat for maximum comfort as it is softer on the feet

Then, you can choose a carpet from the currently popular microfiber. In addition to being able to make the bathroom luxurious, a microfiber rug also feels warm and dries quickly.

This soft microfiber mat is also available in several colors, so you can match it with the atmosphere of the bathroom, such as the following.

Arthome terry bath mat 50x80 cm - Red
Arthome sponge bath mat 50×80 cm – Red

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Arthome 50x80 Cm Keset Kamar Mandi Diamond - Silver
Arthome 50×80 Cm Keset Kamar Mandi Diamond – Silver

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7. Memory foam

Mat from memory foam it feels very smooth and comfortable on the feet, you know. There is no need to doubt its power of absorption. It’s just a rug memory foam you can only use it at home.

Therefore, you should place this mat right in front of the bathroom door to dry your wet feet.

Forhom 40x60 Cm Set Keset Memory Foam Dots 2 Pz
Forhom 40×60 Cm Set Keset Memory Foam Dots 2 Pz

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Arthome 50x80 Cm Keset Kamar Mandi Pile Memory Foam - Hijau
Arthome 50×80 cm Keset Kamar Mandi Memory Foam

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These are seven bathroom items you can use at home. Whatever the material, be sure to clean the rug regularly to keep it free of germs and bacteria.

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