7 bathroom designs for 2023, more daring

7 bathroom designs for 2023, more daring

bath it is a part of the house that we use every day, whether for the bathroom, to wash the face, to wash the clothes. To maintain the modern look, there are several bathroom designs that are most in demand in 2023.

This design is not only intended for large houses, but also suitable for small and small dwellings. In addition, bathroom trends in the coming year will use more decoration and play on the colors of the bathroom.

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So, what bathroom designs will be popular in 2023?

If you have the desire to remodel this room, you can listen to some of the bathroom design ideas that we have collected below.

1. Model bathroom ‘Open Space’

Bathroom design 2023
Source: unsplash.com

Draft open space it can make the bathroom look more spacious. As the name implies, this bathroom has no partitions so that the rooms seem connected to each other.

To make it look more spacious, you can replace it bathroom with shower or use bathroom small in the corner of the room.

bathroom showers
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bathroom bathroom
Kris Bathtub Classic Chrome Legs C-3015 – Putih

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2. Bathroom with natural shades

Bathroom design 2023
Information Howland Bathroom Cabinet Set – Brown Oak

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Present a natural atmosphere in the bathroom using furniture that is dominated by wood. You can use a wooden wardrobe that gives a warm and classic touch to the room.

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To make the bathroom look more fashionable, also install a door with a similar and simple model.

3. Bathroom design with other colors

bathroom cabinet
Informa Heller Bathroom Cabinet Set – Blue

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The bathroom design trend of 2023 no longer carries the all-white bathroom concept. Instead, the bathroom uses stronger colors, starting from the color bold to pastels.

In addition to this, this design is also supported by the color of the furniture you use, such as lighting, cabinets and bathrooms.

4. Design that stands out more

bathroom wallpapers
Source: unsplash.com

The latest bathroom trend will be bolder and stand out. You can add some drama to the walls with a dark color or wallpaper wall of blows.

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5. Use Patterned Curtains

shower curtain
Arthome 180×200 Cm Tropical Shower Curtain – Green

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The trend of using printed curtains is not only for the living room and the bedroom. You can use printed curtains on the windows or curtains bathroom to make the bath more lively and warm.

6. Present a Drawing with Vertical Lines

Source: unsplash.com

Usually, we prefer to use it furniture innocent because impressed without time. However, there is nothing wrong with using furniture with a vertical line design on the cabinets or bathroom tiles.

7. Floor Striking

mosaic floor
Source: unsplash.com

You can also use the floor type kA bathroom that has an impressive and intricate pattern, like a mosaic pattern with matching colors. Besides being attractive, the bathroom is also aesthetic and has character.

So, here are some bathroom design ideas 2023 that you can use as inspiration for luxury bathrooms and stylish.

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