7 Aesthetic Kitchen Cart Models with Minimalist Style

7 Aesthetic Kitchen Cart Models with Minimalist Style

kitchen cart model

Having a clean and comfortable kitchen is the dream of many people, besides installing it kitchen set, You can also use the trolley model to organize all the kitchen equipment, from bottles of spices, kitchen utensils, to cutlery.

Also, kitchen carts are usually equipped with wheels that are easy to move. So that the dining room and kitchen look charming, you can use a minimalist kitchen trolley.

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The best tips for kitchen cart models

Do you want to create a minimalist kitchen? Don’t worry, we have many recommendations for versatile trolley models that you can get, such as below.

1. Kitchen trolley model with cabinet

trolley rack model
Finch Shelf kitchen cart – white

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The trolley is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used as a table to serve food. You can choose a trolley that has a wardrobe. So, you can store kitchen supplies easily, from plates, glasses and cutlery.

Usually, the side of the closet also has a little hook to hang dry wipes, you know! Saving and many benefits, right?

2. Round Kitchen Trolley Model

round cart model
Inform Harlyn Kitchen trolley 3 levels Round – Black

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If this trolley model is suitable to create a simple impression, but also elegant. In addition, this round shape is safe to use because it has no sharp corners. Thus, it can be used as a place to serve dishes or as a kitchen decoration.

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3. Multilevel Kitchen Trolley Model

level trolley model
Walter 3-tier kitchen shelf – Beige

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Not only does it save space, the multilevel trolley model can also be used to display spice racks. Thus, it will be easier for you to find the spices you want to use.

Don’t worry, even though there are wheels on the bottom, this trolley has a wheel lock feature so it won’t move easily when in use. You can choose a bright color, such as beige to have a minimalist impression.

4. Iron Kitchen Trolley Model

iron cart model
Informa 3-level kitchen trolley 45x26x63 cm – black

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This trolley is made of iron which is very sturdy and stable. Thus, you can use it to organize several foods and equipment at once.

With a length of 45 cm, this trolley is flexible enough to be placed in different sizes of rooms, you know.

5. Minimalist kitchen cart

minimalist trolley model
Filbert Kitchen Trolley Rack – white

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In fact, the minimalist design is bold with the use of white home furniture. Therefore, you can decorate your kitchen with this simple trolley model and put different foods on it.

In addition, a touch of brown wood material at the top is also suitable for a stylish kitchen scandinavian. Nice, isn’t it?

6. Luxury black kitchen cart

black kitchen cart model
Waldron 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley Shelf – Black

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Combining a kitchen cart and a plate rack in one, why not? In fact, the kitchen will feel more spacious, you know!

Yes! You can use this food trolley to place plates and glasses in the bottom to make it efficient.

7. Green metal kitchen cart

plastic kitchen cart
Walter 3 Tier Kitchen Shelving – Green

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So, if you want to create a cheerful impression in the kitchen and dining room, you can use this green trolley. With metallic materials, the INFORMA kitchen trolley can beautify the room.

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Take it easy, this trolley is equipped with wheels. So, you can move more easily.

These are the seven models of very different carts, of different types, colors and sizes. You can get all the trolley models above through INFORMA from variety.

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