7 2-door rental house models, comfortable and very aesthetic!

7 2-door rental house models, comfortable and very aesthetic!

2 door house model for rent

Here are a number of inspiring 2-door rental house models for different styles that can be imitated. The house looks very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!

Rentals are currently a business that has a high investment value, especially if you build in the middle of a city or industrial area.

Not without reason, this is inseparable from the high demand for housing every year.

Many people say that building a rental house requires a large area of ​​land.

This is not entirely wrong, but the Owners can also discover the rental business with an improvised land area.

For example, building a 2-door rental house model.

This type of rental house that consists of two doors is ideal for small families and is certainly in great demand from the public.

So, for Owners who want to build a 2-door rental house, look at the different construction models here, let’s go!

1. Minimalist model of 2-door rental house

minimalist model of house for rent

Source: Ambergrohooper.blogspot.com

The first 2-door rental house model has a minimalist design.

This can be seen from the lack of insulation between the buildings and the choice of wall colors that tend to be neutral.

This type of 2 door rental is perfect for young families.

Although it seems small, the Property can also adjust the area of ​​the room based on the needs.

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2. Simple rental house model

simple model of house for rent

Source: Flickr.com

Carrying a simple design, this rental house model is very easy to design.

When viewed from the residential facade, the design of the building is visible simple without the presence of many decorations or other ornaments.

This model of rental houses is often found in Indonesia.

3. Modern models of houses for rent

modern minimalist house for rent

Source: Ddy.jp

Compared to the picture of the rental house above, this building has a more modern and updated look.

The use of thin fences, neutral colors in the buildings, the presence of exposed bricks makes the rented house very beautiful. stylish.

This rental house is not only pleasing to the eye, but also very comfortable to live in!

4. Luxury Rental House Model

luxury rental home

Source: YouTube/iDesign KH

Although the houses for rent in a minimalist style have many enthusiasts, some people want a luxurious building that can accommodate all their needs.

So, if you have more budget, there is nothing wrong with building a rental house with a luxury design like the picture above.

This rental house consists of two floors and looks very elegant.

The building is very suitable for living for property people who have large families.

5. Aesthetic Rental House

Aesthetic model of 2-door rental house

Source: Evolvestudio.design

For Owners who are tired of the same rental house designs, this construction model can be an inspiration.

The residence looks very unique with the application of exposed bricks on each side of the building.

To make it look more elegant, this rental house uses neutral colors like white and black on the walls, windows and fences.

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This house looks very nice with the presence of a small garden in front.

6. Industrial style 2 door rental house model

2 door industrial style rental home model

Source: Kompas.com

Carrying an industrial style, this 2-door rental house model looks very unique by minimizing the use of paint on the walls.

Instead of using paint, the wall is left exposed.

The rented house consists of two floors with a very attractive building design.

Having a large enough area, you can freely place bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and family rooms as you wish.

7. A rental house with a feminine feel

photo of a 2-door rental house

Source: Journal29.com

If you are tired of using black, white or gray in your home, there is nothing wrong with applying other colors, such as pastels, to buildings.

Like the image of the rented house above, the application of pink can give a feminine impression to a building.

You can apply this color to the whole room.

But if you don’t want to, you can combine it with other colors like white or light green.


So, there are many inspirations for 2 door rental house models.

So, what design are you interested in?

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