6 ways to teach children to fast from an early age

6 ways to teach children to fast from an early age

how to teach children quickly
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The age of obligatory fasting is when a person reaches puberty or maturity in physical and emotional terms. However, it is highly recommended to start teaching children to fast from an early age.

You see, this habit can be the best preparation so that your little one can better understand the meaning of obligatory fasting. In addition to preparing your little one for adulthood, there are many benefits of fasting that children can get.

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So, what are the benefits of fasting for children?

how to teach children quickly
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The first benefit of fasting for children is to develop his character. In fact, fasting not only teaches religious and cultural practices, but can also develop the self of the child, such as the practice of discipline, self-sacrifice and emotions.

When fasting, your child will learn to control himself so as not to do it things that can break the fast, like eating and drinking. Thus, your child can learn to be more patient in his responsibilities.

From a health point of view, Several studies have found the benefits of fasting for children, such as increasing metabolism, reducing obesity, improving brain function and eliminating toxins from the body.

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Wow, there are so many benefits of fasting for your baby, huh? After seeing the many benefits, it is a good idea to start teaching your child to fast from an early age.

What is the right way to teach fasting to children?

Here are some tips for teaching children to fast from a young age that you can do.

1. Half a day of fasting

how to teach children quickly
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It is not an easy thing for your child to fast. Even for adults, this tends to be difficult. Therefore, avoid forcing children to fast immediately.

If your child is not strong enough to eat and drink for about 12 hours, then they can bother you for half a day or only 6 hours. However, you need to constantly teach fasting by increasing the intensity of the fasting time.

For example, the first week is taught to fast for 6 hours. Then, the third week increases to 8 hours, and so on.

2. Teaching Snack Fasting

how to teach children quickly
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In addition to fasting from eating and drinking, you can also teach your little ones to control their desire to buy their favorite snacks, such as candy and ice cream.

3. Teach the Meaning of Fasting

The thing you need to teach the child when fasting is to tell the meaning and tradition of fasting. With the narration in the form of a story, the little one will better understand the importance of fasting for all Muslims.

4. Do Ngabuburit Activities

how to teach children quickly
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So that the children do not get bored while fasting, you can invite them to do it fun activities before breaking the fastor what is called ngabuburit.

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There are many things you can do to make the ngabuburit fun, such as taking it for an afternoon walk or playing. gameso invite them to prepare iftar meal

5. Prepare his favorite food

When your child is fasting, try to prepare his favorite food to break the fast. In this way, they will be more motivated and feel the results of the fasting effort that has been carried out.

6. Give appreciation when the successful completion of Fasting

how to teach children quickly
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As motivation, you can give them appreciation, like a holiday gift when they complete the service well. This can motivate them to diligently fast, you know.

In any case, it is important for parents to teach that fasting is not a way to get rewards, but the meaning of fasting itself. Teach that gifts are just a bonus, not the main purpose of fasting.

Here are some ways to teach children to fast from an early age that mothers can apply to teach their children.

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