6 ways to take care of the moon orchid to be fertile and diligent in flowering

6 ways to take care of the moon orchid to be fertile and diligent in flowering

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In order for the moon orchid plant to grow beautiful and thick, you must know how to care for it properly. Here is how to care for moon orchids for you to use as a guide!

Of the many types of flowers, the moon orchid is the type that is most requested by many people.

Because this plant has wide and elegant flowers.

This is also what makes this type of orchid flower often chosen to beautify the appearance of the house.

If you are interested in the plant, you need to know how to care for moon orchids so that they are diligent in flowering.

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How to take care of the moon orchid for diligent flowering

1. Pay Attention to the Sun

how to care for moon orchids pay attention to the sun

source: pexels.com/@goumbik

How to care for the orchid for the first month is to pay attention to the condition of the sun.

The reason is that this plant does not need too much sun.

In fact, too much sunlight will inhibit the growth of moon orchids.

One of the signs to know if the plant has enough sun can be seen by the color of the leaves.

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If the color of the leaves is bright green, it is a sign that the orchid plant has received enough sun.

However, if the leaves are pale green and slightly yellow, this means that the moon orchid is not getting enough solar radiation.

Finally, when the leaves are brown, it is a sign that the plant has been exposed to the sun for too long.

2. Maintain temperature and humidity

how to care for moon orchids check the humidity

The lunar orchid is a plant that grows in cool temperatures, ranging from 18-24 degrees Celsius.

To keep the temperature cool, you can add a fan in the corner of the room to help the air circulate optimally.

Also, make sure that the orchid plants get the ideal air humidity, which is around 60 percent.

The humidity level can be maintained by making a pond full of water under the pot.

However, do not let the air be too humid.

This can cause the orchid flower to be overrun by the fungus and risk dying quickly.

On the other hand, avoid placing the orchid in a high temperature place because the quality of the flowers decreases.

Not only that, the moon orchids can be dehydrated which can prevent the growth of the orchid.

3. Place in a well-ventilated room

how to care for the moon orchid where it circulates well

source: ringtimesbanyuwangi.minded-rakyat.com

Don’t just pay attention to temperature and humidity, you have to ensure good air circulation.

This is necessary for a better growth of the orchid.

4. Watering the Moon Orchid with the Right Dose

the women water the plants

Another way to care for moon orchids is to pay attention to the water.

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This type of orchid flower will be denser if watered twice a day.

Meanwhile, a good time to water is at 7-9 am or 4-6 pm.

However, if the weather is very hot, then the intensity of the water should be increased up to three times a day.

For how to water, spray the water near the roots of the flowers.

Make sure that the water used is clean water and avoid the use of chemicals as a mixture in the water.

5. Do the Fertilization Process Correctly

how to care for moon orchids do the correct fertilization

source: paktanidigital.com

Almost all types of plants need fertilizer to grow bigger.

However, not all fertilizers can be used.

It is recommended to use a type of liquid organic fertilizer, with fertilization done once a week.

6. Prevent the attacks of dangerous pests

harmful plant pests

source: rastenievod.com/

How to care for orchids in the last month is to prevent pests of ornamental plants.

There are many types of annoying pests such as flies and fungi that threaten this type of orchid.

For pests such as flies, use anti-fly glue.

Take the glue on a plastic straw, then stick it on the plant.

Also, use insecticides and fungicides as additional aids to repel plant pests.

Insecticides are used to treat pests of ornamental plants that interfere with the growth of the moon orchid.

Meanwhile, the function will be effective to overcome the fungus.


I hope that the discussion on the care of moon orchids so that they bloom diligently above can be useful for the owners, yes!

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