6 Ways to Take Care of Fruiting Chili Plants Fast, Really Easy!

6 Ways to Take Care of Fruiting Chili Plants Fast, Really Easy!

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How to care for chili plants to bear fruit quickly and grow thick is very easy. To get an idea, see the full review through the following article, go!

Growing chili in the backyard has a number of advantages.

Moreover, the price that sometimes increases suddenly makes a number of people choose to grow chili to meet their daily needs.

Also, for some people, the taste is not complete if a dish is not given chili, especially for those of you who like spicy.

There are many types of chilies that can be planted around the house, including curly chilies, cayenne pepper, red chilies, and green chilies.

Well, in order for the chili plants to prosper, you have to do the right care, Property People.

Here we review how to care for chili plants so that they bear fruit quickly.

How to take care of chili plants

1. Put the Chili in the sun

how to care for chili plants

source: daridesa.com

Chili plants will receive good sunlight when placed in the garden with an open area.

The sunlight that chili plants can influence their growth so that it allows them to fruit quickly.

On the other hand, chili plants placed in a closed or dim space have the potential to make chili shrivel and stunt.

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2. Maintain average planting humidity

Almost the same as plants in general, how to care for chili plants also need water to fertilize the soil.

This is done so that the humidity of the soil media is maintained which will later affect the chili plants that you plant.

In any case, the need for water in chili plants must be adapted to the climate, yes.

If the weather feels hot, the cabae plant should be watered twice a day.

On the contrary, if the precipitation is high, the water can be made in conditions.

The reason is that too much water is not good, because it can cause the chili to be stunted and fall easily.

3. Fertilizing

fertilization of chiles

source: nusatani.com

Fertilizer is the best nutrient for chili plants, especially the type of fertilizer you use is compost, organic fertilizer or manure.

The fertilizer should be given in the first two weeks since the chili plants are planted.

After that, regular fertilization can be done once a month.

Don’t get confused, you can put the fertilizer on the surface of the soil planted in the pot.

If the peppers are planted in direct soil, the fertilizer can be placed in the soil near the roots of the tree.

4. Pruning Plants

Pruning chili plants is done to avoid pests or sugar and the plants to be cleaner.

To perform the pruning process, it is better to use planting shears that are not too large.

Then, cut the plant shoots slowly so that the structure of the plant becomes more beautiful.

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Prune this plant once a month.

In any case, be careful when cutting the plant so that the young leaves on the chili or fruit plant are not cut.

5. Pay attention to the health of the Chili plant

chili plant

source: demfarm.id

How to care for chili plants also need to pay attention to their health.

This means that the treatment by spraying pesticides in the evening before the night also must be done so that the plants are better maintained and protected from pests.

In any case, if the chili plant has rotted or the leaves are almost yellow, you must give a special medicine to refresh again and grow.

6. Using Plant Grow Lights

This plant lamp is known as growing light and the good use of these lights was used from the chili planting stage.

In addition to accelerating growth, this plant lamp also serves to strengthen the chili seeds to be planted.

You can buy these plant lights in the nearest plant specialty shops.


This is how to care for chili plants to bear fruit quickly.

Hope useful, Property People.

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