6 ways to take care of a Golden Retriever dog to grow up healthy

6 ways to take care of a Golden Retriever dog to grow up healthy

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Are you interested in keeping a Golden Retriever at home? First of all, understand how to properly care for a Golden Retriever, yes!

Golden Retrievers are known to be loyal to their owners.

In addition, his posture is contemptible, so he can be a house guard dog.

It is not surprising that many people are interested in keeping it.

However, before adopting this smart pet, make sure you know how to properly care for a Golden Retriever.

If you are still confused, check out more information in the article below!

6 ways to take care of the Golden Retriever right

1. Provide Large Enough Space

How to properly care for a golden dog

First, make sure you have a large enough space to handle it.

This is because the Golden Retriever is a large dog breed that reaches a size of 51-61 cm when mature.

Not only that, its body weight is about 25-32 kg if you take good care of it.

Because of this, he needs more room to move than a normal dog.

At the very least, you should have a yard or shed for him to run and play.

In addition, your residence should also be spacious because this dog prefers to be indoors.

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2. Don’t leave too often

Second, avoid leaving the house alone too often.

Golden Retrievers have a strong bond with their owners.

It will make them suffer if they don’t see you for too long.

He is also more prone to depression and anxiety due to the separation.

So, if you live alone and have a job that requires you to travel, don’t adopt a Golden Retriever as a pet.

3. Brush the dog’s fur regularly

how to care for a golden retriever dog

How to care for the next Golden Retriever, make sure to brush its fur every 3-5 times a week.

This type of dog has a thick and long coat.

As a result, their fur is prone to tangling after playing all day in the yard or at home.

In addition, the hair is also prone to hair loss if you do not take care.

So, make sure to always brush and clean the fur, yes.

4. Choose Food Quality for Golden Retrievers

Then, be sure to give anabolic Special quality food for large breed dogs.

However, keep these things in mind before you buy:

  • Make sure the meat is the first two ingredients
  • Avoid dog food that contains wheat or corn
  • Do not use food with the main ingredients inside

So, also pay attention to the feeding schedule for your dog.

Puppies aged 8-12 weeks should be fed four times a day.

So, at the age of 3-6 months you can feed three times a day and at the age of 6 months to a year only twice a day.

Meanwhile, at the age of one year and above, it should only be fed once a day.

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5. Provide toys that he can chew

how to take care of the golden dog

How to care for the next Golden Retriever dog is to give him a toy to chew.

Otherwise, he will bite the furniture in the house when he is tired.

The biggest risk, your dog can eat pieces of human food that are harmful to his health.

Choose a rubber toy whose material is guaranteed to be safe for animals or a fabric rope with a soft texture.

6. Check Your Golden Retriever’s Ears Regularly

Finally, make sure you get regular ear checks, ok?

Always make sure the inside of the ear is clean and dry.

The reason is that Golden Retrievers have big ears, so they are prone to ear infections.

Cleaning is quite easy, just wipe the ear with a wet cotton pad.

For the record, if you find earwax that emits a strange smell, take your dog to the nearest vet immediately.


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