6 Ways to Store Nuggets Without Refrigeration Valid for frozen foods!

6 Ways to Store Nuggets Without Refrigeration Valid for frozen foods!

how to store peppers without a refrigerator

Roughly, how to save nugget no fridge at home, huh? Find the answer in this article, go!

Nuget is a food that is often the choice for people with super busy routines.

This is because these foods are considered very practical for the cooking process.

Unfortunately, the nuget must be stored in the refrigerator if you want it to last.

This is of course a problem if the refrigerator at home is damaged or cannot be used.

To outsmart, there are many ways to save nugget without a refrigerator you should know.

Go ahead, read the full review below!

6 Ways to Store Nuggets Without Refrigeration

1. Do not unpack

Frozen foods as a nuget usually packed in plastic, aluminum, or other environmentally friendly materials such as nylon.

The purpose of this packaging is to protect the food to maintain its quality.

Therefore, after buying nuget at the market or minimarket, make sure not to open the package.

How to save nugget without the refrigerator is made to avoid bacteria that causes the quality of food to decrease.

2. Store Nuggets in Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method that removes air from the product before it is packagedrush

This method of vacuum packaging can make the food last longer, which is about 15 days.

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The reason is that the food is protected from oxygen which causes the food to become stale.

Not only that, bacteria can’t even get to the food because it’s blocked by tight packaging.

How to save nugget without this refrigerator itself can be done manually and automatically.

The manual step is done by pushing as much air out of the package as possible.

While the automatic mode is done with a special machine that can save time and effort.

3. Place Right Under the AC

If your home uses air conditioning, try placing the peppers that are still in their packaging right under the air duct.

Let the air produced by these electronic devices cool the peppers so that the food does not spoil quickly.

It’s just that, this step is not recommended if you want to consume it frozen foods the next few days.

The reason is, how to save nugget without a refrigerator, it only works for 8 hours.

When more than 8 hours, try to fry the peppers as soon as possible.

4. Take advantage of cold water

how to store peppers without a refrigerator

The next way that can be done so that the nuget can last longer without a refrigerator is to use cold water from a dispenser.

This step can make the food frozen last night.

First of all, put cold water in a storage container or basin that can submerge all parts of the nuget package.

After that, soak in a container of cold water for 2 hours.

When 2 hours have passed, replace the water in the container with a new one.

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This replacement every two hours is important because the cold contents of the water dispenser disappear quickly.

5. Consider buying other canned foods

If your refrigerator has been out for a long time, consider buying canned goods such as corned beef, tuna and sardines.

Most canned foods last about a full year even if stored at room temperature.

In addition, the taste of this type of food is no less delicious than nuget.

6. Soak in Ice Cubes

How to save nugget without the last chill is wrapped in ice cubes.

First, prepare ice cubes in advance, either take from freezer or buy in the store.

Then, put the ice cubes in the container and insert the peppers that are still in the package between the ice cubes.

Try to use a closed container and one that is able to maintain such a cold temperature styrofoam.

So, the ice cubes melt longer and the ice cubes can also last longer.


Hopefully the article how to save nugget without the fridge above it can be useful, yes!

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